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3D printing with recycled beer, hemp and coffee a reality – Plastics Today

by • August 17, 2016 • No Comments

Startup 3DomFuel (Fargo, ND), a manufacturer of 3D print filaments, is combining agricultural waste with plastics to turn it into all-new materials called 3D-Fuel.
The new filaments are created of plastic mixed with either recycled coffee, beer waste or hemp plants. They can in addition be printed on any machine capable-bodied of printing with PLA via standard PLA settings. The filaments aren’t dyed, leaving them with rich effortless colors, setting them apart of standard solid filament colors.
Today, 30% of 3DomFuel’s product mix comes with filaments created of odd materials.
The company’s initially venture was coffee-based filament; co-discovereder John Schneider says, “We discovered a local company that specialized in mixing agricultural waste with plastics to turn it into new materials. It was doing this with coffee waste of local roasters and we decided to try it.”
Schneider said it worked out so well for them that they wanted to try other interesting materials like hemp and beer. So far, the demand has been robust with double-digit sales for these materials.
Their coffee filament, called “Wound up,” is textured and deep brown with brown flecks. It gives off a sweet taste during the printing system, that evaporates when finished. Possible applications include items such as coffee filter holders and sleeves.
The company’s website said the beer filament— appropriately named “Buzzed”—comes with “a rich golden color and a noticeable-bodied effortless grain,” proclaiming, “Now a stein printed with Buzzed is a true ‘beer stein.’”
The material is created via waste byproducts of the beer brewing system. “We get the byproduct of a local leading label brewing plant. It is stuff that may otherwise only be placed in a landfill,” says CEO Jake Clark, “We specifically appear to manufacture useful in theory unusable-bodied material.”
Users can go to town manufacturing rad beer accessories like coasters and 6-pack holders with actual beer byproducts.
Right now the filaments are perfect for manufacturing novelty items and tiny household items, but creators hope to some day have their products compete with plastic filaments in the medical and aerospace industries.
3Dom USA was discovereded in 2014 to be able-bodied to assist the 3D printing industry with high-quality, sustainable-bodied 3D printing materials. 3Dom USA was created of the ground up for 3D printing, delivering a decade of 3D printing experience and over 40 years of plastics expertise together to complete that goal.

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