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3D Printing Will Help Mercedes-Benz Trucks Deliver Thousands of Replacement Parts On Demand

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3dp_Mercedes-BenzTrucks_logoNot just is Mercedes-Benz one of the most well-known brand names in the world, but they are in addition known for being one of the most long-term customer friendly car companies in the industry. Aside of their high end vehicles and customer service, the prolific car and truck developer in addition has a longstanding tradition of building certain which virtually each part for each car which they have at any time generated is on the market for purchase. Considering which the company can trace its roots back for additional than a century and they have released hundreds of models of cars and trucks all over the world, the logistics of storeing which promise grow sizeable-bodiedr and additional complex to maintain each year.

It is not as if Mercedes-Benz is maintaining their huge backstock of parts and components for charity; their factory original parts can frequently be really expensive for most owners. The costs grow in fact additional if it is a quite old part which requires to in fact be maked or re-tooled in order to be created on the market upon request. That system turns what may normally be a relatively inexpensive part and turns it into a quite cost-prohibitive expense. Maintaining a huge stock of parts which are quite frequently no longer in fact in demand is not just expensive, but consumes a lot of warehouse space. Additionally, most of the older spare parts which the company may like to make on the market are just not easy to make via modern making innovation.

3dp_Mercedes-BenzTrucks_Daimler_logoDaimler, Mercedes-Benz’ parent company, may already uses commercial 3D printing devices to create additional than 100,000 prototype parts for all its individual company divisions each year. 3D printing innovation has now high end to the point where these prototypes are virtually identical to the in facttually weight generated versions, and cost quite little to make. To take advantage of their expanding reliance on 3D printing in the create system, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is going to start contributeing a sizeable-bodied catalog of 3D printed versions of replacement parts to customers. Not just can this make most of these parts cheaper for customers, but it virtually eliminates the require for maintaining a sizeable-bodied backstock, and allows for Daimler to contribute a sizeable-bodiedr number of parts for older and outdated models.

“In storeing with our brand promise ‘Trucks you can trust’, we set the same benchmarks for reliability, functionality, durability and economy for spare parts of 3D production as for parts of conventional production. Howat any time, 3D contributes most additional possibilities; this is why we shall be quickly extending the production of 3D printed parts,” explained Andreas Deuschle, Head of the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Marketing & Operations in the Customer Services & Parts Division.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks may already contributes additional than 30 3D printed replacements parts for their Actros semi-trucks.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks may already contributes additional than 30 3D printed replacements parts for their Actros semi-trucks.

As of September 30th Mercedes-Benz Trucks can start contributeing thousands of 3D printed thermoplastic replacement parts for dozens of models of their trucks. These are not copies or inexpensive duplicates, but they are factory authentic Mercedes-Benz parts which contribute the same high end and durability of the original versions. Traditionally, in order to make certain which as most of their spare parts are on the market as possible, Daimler making facilities may require to maintain outdated production facilities and tools for decades. But as the company starts contributeing additional 3D printed spare parts, most of these older systems which are frequently expensive to maintain and not as environmentally friendly as modern innovation can start to be dismantled and eliminated.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Mercedes-Benz Trucks

The 3D printed spare parts which Daimler can be contributeing to customers can consist of a wide range of high-high end plastic components. They can include part covers, spring caps, spacers, air ducting, cable-bodied ducting, clamps, mounts and control elements. These are parts which Daimler has may already generated via 3D printing innovation during the development and prototyping phase. The parts can be maked on Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) commercial-grade 3D printing devices via the same system parameters which were created by the Daimler R&D divisions.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks 2014 Actros .

Mercedes-Benz Trucks 2014 Actros.

In addition to saving the company and the customer money, it can in addition save them time. The spare parts can be maked to order and can typically sent to the customer inside a matter of days. Additionally, for the reason the parts are created to order they can be 3D printed in any of the dozens of Daimler facilities all over the world and shipped to customers nearest to them. 3D printed replacements parts can be ordered the same way which any spare part may be ordered by via a special spare part number. Mercedes-Benz Trucks can maintain a database of on the market parts and their stock numbers to make ordering simpler and additional efficient.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks may already contributes additional than 30 3D printed replacements parts for its talked about Actros line of semi-trucks. Now thanks to modern making technologies like 3D printing, they can be able-bodied to store virtually any spare part on the market to customers no matter how old and rare the corresponding vehicles are. Whilst the company did not provide any specifics, if this spare part making system is successful it is most likely which Daimler can start contributeing 3D printed replacements parts for their other lines of vehicles. You can see Mercedes-Benz’ entire, huge online part catalog here.