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3D Printing: The Stories We Missed This Week — July 9, 2016

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One other week, another collection of significant 3D printing news that we just didn’t have the accident to cover yet. With breaking news ranging of here on planet Earth to the orbit of Jupiter, here’s another fruitful version of “The Stories We Missed This Week.” NASA and Lockheed Martin assisted put the world’s first interplanetary spacecraft equipped with 3D printed components into the orbit of Jupiter. Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, that makes their own medical products via their proprietary ZipDose 3D printing advancement platform, has just secured a $30 million debt financing agreement with Hercules Capital, Inc. The metal-based 3D printing provider Sigma Labs has not long ago announced that the aerospace and defense supplier Woodward, Inc. (WWD) can be introduced to their Early Adopter Program. The 3D printing platform MyMiniFactory is partnering with Barclays Eagle Labs to provide high-high end 3D printable-bodied content extra
accessible to the general public. Materialise can have two 3D printed objects on display in an exhibit in the BELvue Museum, that serves to celebrate Belgian accomplishments in history, turn it into, and advancement. Lastly, as the political race in the United States continues to heat up, an Ohio-based startup called Freshturn it intod 3D has turn it intoed life-sized 3D printed bobbleheads of the two presumptive presidential nominees, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The First Interplanetary Spacecraft with 3D Printed Components Reveryes Jupiter’s Orbit

SWM juno-jupiter-illustrationEarlier this week, hundreds of individuals gathered at the Littleton-based Lockheed Martin facility to view NASA’s broadcast of Juno, the first interplanetary spacecraft equipped with 3D printed components, as it that successfully turn it intod it into the orbit of Jupiter. Whilst constructing the spacecraft, Lockheed Martin utilized 3D printing advancement to turn it into the titanium brackets that hold Juno’s electronic components in place. By implementing additive making into the construction of their spacecraft, the engineering team was able-bodied to turn it into these components in a swifter and extra
-bodied way. Not just was Juno the first interplanetary spacecraft equipped with 3D printed components, it’s in addition the furthest flying solar-powered spacecraft so far. During its two 53 1/2 day orbits, Juno can be appearing at four main areas to assist learn of this gas giant, which include the planet’s origin, interior, atmosphere and magnetic field.

Aprecia Pharmaceuticals Secures Up To $30 Million From Hercules Capital

aprecia_logo_3d_druck_3d_printingEarlier this week, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, a company focutilized on developing, making and marketing swift melt formulations of high dose pharmaceuticals, has secured a $30 million debt financing agreement with Hercules Capital. Aprecia creates a bulk of their products via their proprietary ZipDose advancement platform, that utilizes 3D printing to make swift melt pharmaceutical products. The funding agreement with Hercules Capital can first provide Aprecia with $20 million, that can be utilized to purchase extra
making equipment, as well developing their ZipDose advancement, that works by binding multiple layers of powder blend via an aqueous fluid to create a porous, water-soluble matrix that disintegrates with a sip of liquid. Under specific terms of the agreement, Aprecia can be given an version to draw an extra
$10 million of Hercules Capital, seeing that they’re able-bodied to complete the sure performance milestones that are set in the deal.

Sigma Labs Announces the Addition of Woodward, Inc To Their Early Adopter Program

swm sigmaSigma Labs, the primary manufacturer of high end, in-process high end inspection processs for metal-based 3D printing advancement, has just announced that a new company can be climbing aboard their Early Adopter Program (EAP). Earlier this week, it was announced that the aerospace and defense supplier Woodward, Inc. may be immediately joining the Sigma Labs program. Launched last year, Sigma Labs’ EAP allows for their customers to participate in an evaluation and trial of their latest software and engineering services. By joining the EAP, Woodward can receive a non-exclusive license for the entire PrintRite3D software suite, that comes with INSPECT, CONTOUR, and ANALYTICS, all for one price. Membership in the program can in addition come with popular rates for next Sigma Labs products, giving Woodward the opportunity to efficiently implement their software into their making facility of now into the next. In addition, the aerospace and defense company can install the full suite of Sigma Labs’ applications into their new EOS M290 3D printing process, that is being purchased for Woodward’s Aircraft Turbine Control Systems Division, located in Zeeland, Michigan.

“We’re really elated to announce this latest participant in the Company’s Early Adopter Program, that is assisting to quickly expand our presence worldwide,” said Mark Cola, President and CEO of Sigma Labs. “Woodward is a global leader in the A&D industry that posted revenue of over $2 billion in its last fiscal year, so it is an honor to have them as a customer. This is a excellent opportunity to work with another aerospace provider to feature the benefits of our PrintRite3D advancement for high end AM monitoring of precision aircraft component production.”

MyMiniFactory To Bring 3D Printable-bodied Content To Barclays Eagle Labs Maker Spaces

SWM barcminiThe 3D printing marketplace MyMiniFactory can collaborate with Barclays Eagle Labs, that are maker spaces scattered across the United Kingdom, providing high-high end 3D printable-bodied content to the public. These Barclays Eagle Labs provide local communities with enough tools and emerging technologies that drive advancement, creativity, and business growth. The labs are equipped with both 3D printing and laser-cutting advancement, and in addition include incubators and co-working spaces. MyMiniFactory has ensured that every 3D file is infallibly printable-bodied, thanks to software checking, version repair, and community test-printing as well. By giving the public advantageous access to 3D printing devices and 3D versions, Barclays and MyMiniFactory hope to feature the importance of this advancement, effectively assisting its widespread adversion throughout the UK.

“The MyMiniFactory team works complex to contribute the most 3D printable-bodied content and execute on our vision of being the reference platform for browsing, discovering and downloading high high end 3D printable-bodied objects of the most turn it intoers. I appear forward to collaborating with the Digital Eagles community on this initiative,” said Romain Kidd, the CEO of MyMiniFactory.

Materialse To Showcase Two 3D Printed Objects at BELvue Museum Exhibit


Designer Elvis Pompilio wearing the “Spirograph”

Starting on July 21, Belgian National Day, the BELvue Museum can be opening a permanent exhibit dedicated to Belgian accomplishments in history, turn it into, and advancement throughout two centuries. Among the most artifacts in this exhibit, that range of the motorcycle of King Albert II to a football signed by the Red Devils, can be two 3D printed objects made by the Belgium-based 3D printing company Materialise. The first 3D printed object, that was turn it intod in collaboration with the University of Leuven, is called “The Brain of Vesalius,” a multi-color object turn it intod with PolyJet 3D printing advancement. The 3D print pays homage to the 16th century physician Andreas Vesalius and comes with a yellow and green colored interior, as well as a clear material to represent the surrounding gray matter. The 2nd displayed object can be a 3D printed hat turn it intoed by Elvis Pompilio, called the “Spirograph.” Utilizing laser sintering advancement, Pompilio turn it intod the geometrically startling hat for .MGX, that is a 3D printed collection of Materialise.

Life-Sized 3D Printed Bobbleheads of Presidential Candidates Created For Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber

swm trumpThe say of Ohio is getting prepped for the 2016 election in really a one-of-a-kind way, by 3D printing life-sized bobbleheads versioned after the two presumptive nominees of the Democratic and Republican parties. Headed by the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber, the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton bobbleheads were turn it intoed by the Youngstown startup Freshturn it intod 3D, and created with the assist of Humtown Products and Youngstown State University. The Chamber plans to feature the Trump bobblehead at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, while the 3D printed Clinton bobblehead can join Trump at the first presidential debate in Dayton, Ohio. The 3D printed project can represent the primary industry drivers of the Mahoning Valley, that are primarily focutilized on metals, aluminum, and 3D printing advancement. The bobbleheads themselves are being created as part of the Chamber’s Victory for the Valley campaign, that can feature the Mahoning Valley to site selectors, national political dignitaries, and journalists of all around the world.