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3D Printing: The Stories We Missed This Week — July 23, 2016

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Welcome to another jam-packed version of “3D Printing: The Stories We Missed This Week,” showcasing amazing 3D printing news of all over the world that we only didn’t have time to cover over the week. The Austrian beginup XIONEER presented their patented 3D printing process to the ministers of the European Union, providing a pivotal step for additional investments in the emerging innovation. Materialise NV revealed a new collaboration with medical solutions provider DePuy Synthes, that can now donate patient-specific, 3D printed craniomaxillofacial (CMF) implants in Australia and Europe. Even criminal gangs are getting in on the 3D printing revolution, as law enforcement and shipping industry professionals claim that criminals are able-bodied to use additive createing to turn it into counterfeit security devices, such as cargo seals, security locks and keys. The Moscow Agency of Innovations has commenceed the Open Innovation Marketplace (OIMP) competition, where 50 companies can compete in 10 industry challenges, one of that is for 3D printing innovation. Proto Labs has expanded their 3D printing services by opening a new facility, that can integrate Concept Laser’s LaserCUSING innovation to complement their createing capabilities. The Italian company Numanova, a subsidiary of Italeaf, has been granted a one-of-a-kind environmental license that can enable-bodied them to additional their production of metal powders for the additive createing industry. Lastly, the German medical donate company KLS Martin Group can invest $5 million to open their initially U.S. createing facility in Jacksonville, Florida.

XIONEER Systems Showcases 3D Printing Technology to EU, Proving Importance for Economic Growth

xioneerSWMMinisters of the European Union are now bringing a nearer appear at the benefits of 3D printing innovation thanks to XIONEER Systems, a publicly funded tech beginup based in Vienna, Austria. During the Informal Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Competitiveness, an in factt related to the Slovak presidency of the EU Council in Bratislava, XIONEER was invited to showcase their patented 3D printing process, the X1, that proved to be an innovation over the existing createing solutions on the market. The EU ministers were reportedly impressed with the high end of the printer’s output, as well as the future for multi-material printing, faster development, and createing new products. XIONEER System’s CEO, Dr. Andrei Neboian, encouraged the EU to spread 3D printing innovation by providing academic education and financial assist for additional research and development, setting high end standards, creating clear rules for intellectual property, and providing incentives to enterprises to use additive createing. On the other hand the discussion has yet to translate into policies, the meeting was a pivotal step towards strengthening the investment ecoprocess for 3D printing innovation in Europe.

Materialise NV Announces Collaboration with DePuy Sythes to Distribute 3D Printing Implants

depuyThe Belgium-based 3D printing company Materialise NV has revealed a collaboration with DePuy Synthes, a medical solutions subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. With this latest partnership, Materialise can donate their patient-specific, 3D printed craniomaxillofacial (CMF) implants through DePuy Synthes TRUMATCH CMF Solutions. In the past, Materialise and DePuy Synthes collaborated on a solution for medical planning and patient-specific guides for CMF surgery called ProPlan CMF, that is may already included as a part of their TRUMATCH CMF Solutions. Now, the two companies can work to provide surgeons with access to these patient-specific implants in order to enhance treatment. These 3D printed CMF implants can be offered throughout Australia and Europe, with the different types of of France.

“At Materialise, we strive to make medical 3D printing accessible to each researcher, engineer, and clinician, through an open platform of software and services that assist customize patient treatment,” said Materialise Founder and CEO Wilfried Vancraen. “Together with DePuy Synthes, we have that successfully enable-bodiedd advantageous surgical outcomes through surgical planning and patient-specific guides, and are proud that this new collaboration can now empower in fact additional CMF surgeons to discover the benefits of 3D-printed, patient-specific implants as well.”

Criminal Gangs Are Using 3D Printing to Steal Shipments of Goods

g4sSWMAccording to the international security solutions provider G4S, criminal gangs have been utilizing 3D printing innovation to steal shipments of assorted goods, ranging of food to electronic products. They claim that these criminals are bringing advantage of the reduced costs and increased accessibility of 3D printing innovation to turn it into counterfeit security devices, such as cargo seals, security locks and keys. After these shipping containers are broken into and robbed of their contents, the criminals replace security seals with 3D printed replicas, createing it complex to pinpoint when and where the shipment was stolen. In order to combat this rising issue, G4S has suggested that their clients request a third-party security assessment of shipping companies, conduct additional thorough background checks on shipping company employees, select and use alternative shipping routes and donatey times, place GPS devices randomly in shipments, and additional.

Moscow Agency of Innovations Launches Open Innovation Marketplace Competition

IASPswmThe Moscow Agency of Innovations has only commenceed the Open Innovation Marketplace (OIMP) competition, a global beginup contest that can host 50 companies competing in 10 different types of industry challenges. The contest, that aims to cultivate new, tech-driven solutions for the needs of Moscow, was created in partnership with a number of Moscow government departments and say-owned corporations, and can showcase an Additive Manufacturing Technologies challenge as one of the 10 competition categories. All semifinalists can be invited to the final stage of the contest, that takes place on September 20 at the Moscow-based IASP World Conference. Winners of the OIMP challenge can be given the opportunity to pilot innovations for Moscow’s public infrastructure, earn funding of local enterprises, get one of their projects hosted, and establish direct contact with Moscow government officials. In addition to the Moscow Agency of Innovations, the contest was organized with the assist of Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, La Salle Technova Barcelona, and Skolkovo Innovation Center. The contest is open to beginups across the world, and submissions can be accepted up until July 29, 2016 through the Open Challenges website.

Proto Labs to Open New Manufacturing Facility, Expand Services with Concept Laser

SWMconcept-laser-new-metal-laser-melting-process-m2-cusing-3Proto Labs, one of the major 3D printing service providers, has revealed that they can be utilizing createing innovation created by Concept Laser in their newest metal additive createing facility. The Minnesota-headquartered company can integrate multiple Mlab cusing and M2 cusing machines, that use LaserCUSING innovation, into their new 77,000-square-foot facility later on this year. With this newly implemented innovation, Proto Labs appears to complement its existing portfolio of additive createing, CNC machining, and injection molding processes. The LaserCUSING process works with a vast array of metal alloys, enabling for the functional prototyping of metal components. It creates components layer by layer, and thus enable-bodieds internal showcases that may not be possible with casting or machining. In addition, the innovation is capable-bodied of rapidly and easily making full-strength metal parts, and is able-bodied to transition to metal injection molding when increased production is called for.

“Our business is created on a foundation of speed, efficiency, and bringing a superb high end of parts. Concept Laser metal powder-bed processs provide us with the faculty to donate on that promise to our customers,” said Rob Connelly, Proto Labs’ Vice President of Additive Manufacturing. “The Mlab cusing and M2 cusing machines of Concept Laser enable-bodied us to make with a variety of reactive and non-reactive metal powders in different types of create volumes.”

Metal Powder Producer Numanova Receives Unique Environmental License to Further Material Production

NumaSWMThe Italian metal powder creater Numanova, a subsidiary of the business accelerator Italeaf, has only obtained the green light of local authorities to begin production at the Nera Montoro eco-industrial park. The environmental license granted to the company, that relates to the emissions of the metal powder being generated at the facility, can enable-bodied them to install and use two melting and gas atomization innovation into their industrial plant. With their collection of licenses, Numanova is set to commence their investment program, that consists of getting
and installing production facilities for high high end ferrous and non-ferrous metal powders that can be utilized for 3D printing innovation, as well as Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP). Numanova can equip itself with high end metal powder production innovation via Electrode Induction-melting Inert Gas Atomization (EIGA), that is utilized to create powders of titanium and aluminum alloys, as well as Vacuum Induction-melting Inert Gas Atomization (VIGA), that creates ferrous metal powders and alloys of nickel, cobalt and zirconium. Both of these newly implemented technologies can have a reduced environmental impact and high intrinsic safety levels.

German Medical Company to Open First US-Based 3D Printing Manufacturing Facility

KLSMartinSWMAccording to the office of Florida Governor Rick Scott, the German medical donate company KLS Martin Group has announced plans to open their initially-ever createing facility in the United States. The new facility, that can be located in Jacksonville, can focus on utilizing 3D printing innovation to create medical supplies and equipment, and can add approaching 25 jobs to the say along the way. KLS Martin Group can reportedly invest $5 million into their latest createing venture. The new plant can in fact be the initially createing facility opened by the company outside of Germany. According to the released sayment, the company decided on the Southern city for its competitive location and access to workforce ability. Back in 1993, their subsidiary company KLS Martin LP was opened in Jacksonville, thus createing the US city a 2nd home of sorts for the medical donate company.

“This new company can allow the KLS Martin Group to provide new products through cutting edge 3D printing innovation that can improve patient care and surgical outcomes,” KLS Martin Manufacturing’s Tom Johnston said.

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