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3D Printing: The Stories We Missed This Week — July 2, 2016

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It is been yet another week jam-packed with news of all around the 3D printing industry, and as usual, it was not easy to cover it all. DELRAY Systems has announced that they can sell and service the 3ntr Industrial 3D printing devices through their new reseller agreement with Plural Additive Manufacturing Inc., and NinjaTek has announced the global availability of their new high performance Cheetah and Armadillo filaments. Global Scanning has acquired assets of Real Awesomesauce, that include their cloud-based solution, p3D.in. The tools systems company Dremel continues their involvement with STEM education, revealing 10 various teachers as Dremel Idea Builder Ambassadors for the 2016-17 school year. Crew participants of Expedition 48 conducted experiments with 3D printing in zero-gravity in the Destiny laboratory module, and lastly, Sony has announced their plan to turn it into a robot capable of forming an emotional bond with their customers.

DELRAY Systems Signs Reseller Agreement With Plural AM to Sell 3ntr Industrial 3D Printers

DELRAY SWMThis week, the making and product turn it intoment solutions provider DELRAY Systems announced that they’ve signed a reseller agreement with Plural Additive Manufacturing Inc., and can now sell and service 3ntr Industrial 3D printing devices. This industrial-grade printing system is capable of achieving prints that only of match up with injection molded part high end. Known for their precision and reliability, both the 3ntr A2 and A4 3D printing device models can enable companies to make parts in multiple production-grade materials in a single turn it into sequence. Key showcases of these industrial-grade 3D printing devices include a sizeable turn it into envelope and three print nozzles for multi-material and soluble assist printing.

“After additional than 20 years in the 3D printing business and after an exhausting search for a thing advantageous, we have finally discovered the diamond in the rough,” said Joe Rocca, President of DELRAY Systems. “We are quite fortunate to team up with Plural and excited to experience the possibilities that this innovation can provide in advancing and replacing traditional making systemes.”

NinjaTek Announces Release of Their Two New High-Performance Filaments, Cheetah and Armadillo

NinjaTekThe filament producer NinjaTek, a division of Fenner Drives, not long ago announced the global release of their two newly turn it intoed filaments, named Cheetah and Armadillo. These two filaments are engineered for high-performance 3D printing, and are perfect for a multitude of industrial needs, that include seals, plugs, covers, and chemical resistant properties. According to NinjaTek, their flexible Cheetah filament is the most rapidly on the market, capable of being printed at 60mm/s. The Armadillo filament, on the other hand, is a rigid material that provides 90% higher abrasion resistance compared to other nylon materials, and in addition has a toughness rating that is a whopping 86 times greater than commonly utilized ABS.

Global Scanning A/S Acquires Assets of Real Awesomesauce S.A.

3dp-300x300Scanning solutions provider Global Scanning A/S has not long ago announced that they’ve acquired assets of Real Awesomesauce S.A., that include their built cloud-based platform, p3D.in. The platform is utilized to seamlessly share and edit 3D files via the internet. The acquisition, that was valued at $3 million, is comprised of 50% cash and 50% newly issued shares. With this move, Global Scanning A/S plans to explore opportunities inside 3D file sharing and other collaboration services, and can now control a platform that may enable them to branch out into 3D models.

“This acquisition assists our next 2D product strategy, but in addition extends our opportunities inside the emerging 3D market, enabling Global Scanning to accelerate the turn it intoment and commence of next 3D products,” said Graham Tinn, CEO of Global Scanning.

Dremel Designates 10 K-12 Educators As Dremel Idea Builder Ambassadors

gI_61819_DremelAmbassadorsIn an take on to recognize and assist teachers who are pioneering the maker movement in STEM education, the tools systems company Dremel has only named 10 various educators as Dremel Idea Builder Ambassadors. These selected educators, who teach K-12 classes around the United States, can obtain a Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 and 10 spools of filament, and can be asked to share their corresponding 3D printing experiences. These ‘Ambassadors’ can share their teaching and learning experiences with Dremel’s 3D printing innovation by creating multimedia content, that can be shared across Dremel Education’s social media channels. This educational content can include lesson plans for 3D printing projects, as well as explanations of the turn it into and turn it into system for these ideas. These Dremel Idea Builder Ambassadors can share their experiences starting in August 2016. The list of selected educators can be discovered here.

NASA’s Expedition 48 Commander Conducts 3D Printing Experiment in Zero-Gravity

nasaThis past week, on NASA’s Destiny laboratory module, Expedition 48 Commander Jeff Williams began conducting an experiment to 3D print in zero gravity. After gathering the 3D printing payload hardware and setting it up in the lab’s Microgravity Science Glovebox, Williams began testing whether or not a 3D printing device can work in the conditions of outer space. The experiment demonstrated that the 3D printing device operated normally while in space, proving that the emerging innovation may provide significant benefits for deep-space crewed missions and in-space making. During Williams’ experimentation with 3D printing, his Russian crewmates, Flight Engineers Oleg Skripochka and Alexey Ovchinin, worked on a variety of other experiments, and in addition made a cargo ship for departure back into the Earth’s atmosphere this weekend.

Sony Developing Robot Capable of Forming Emotional Bond With Humans

PlayStation-VR-PromoBack in April, Sony quietly built an organization that may strictly focus on the turn it intoment of robots. This past week, during the company’s corporate strategy meeting in Tokyo, the tech giant announced that they are working to turn it into a robot that is capable of forming ’emotional bonds’ with human beings. According to a tidbit of information announced by Sony, they are looking to “propose new business models that integrate hardware and services to provide emotionally compelling experiences.” In addition, Sony CEO Kaz Harai expects their VR turn it intoment to play a significant role in the company’s next growth as well, due in part to the Playstation VR, that is set to commence in October. In fact, Sony may turn it into a new business domain only for VR turn it intoment and products. On the other hand their image sensor sales were lower than expected last year, Sony fully expects their Devices division to expand significantly in the near next, that they believe can come in the form of their dual-lens cameras for smartphones.

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