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3D Printing: The Stories We Missed This Week — August 20, 2016

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One other week, another handful of thrilling stories in the 3D printing realm that we weren’t really able-bodied to get to over the jam-packed week. The Brussels, Belgium-headquartered chemical group Solvay can unveil new car-driven 3D printing materials at the K 2016 trade fair, bringing lightmass materials to a whole new level. Mechanical engineer Jaan Hurditch created and 3D printed the Lead Mate, a plastic device that attaches to your dog’s leash, giving pet owners a effortless-bodied grip while they take their canine companion for a stroll. The France-based 3D printing service bureau Sculpteo has only launched 14 new paint colors that can be applied to their White Plastic material. IGo3D, the European reseller and distributor of 3D printing equipment, has revealed their acquisition of GetReadyFor 3D, a project aimed to increase 3D printing literacy across the globe. Poland’s authorized distributors of SOLIDWORKS, CADWorks and SOLIDEXPERT, have teamed up with Verashape, and can start selling the company’s VSHAPER 3D printing devices. Lastly, the electronics 3D printing device createer Voxel8 are offering customers a free 3D printed sample to showcase the capabilities of their Developer’s Kit 3D printing device.

Solvay to Showcase Lightmass Materials at K 2016 Showcase

SWM-Automotive_air_intake_manifold_in_Sinterline_Technyl_PowdersAt K 2016, the plastics and rubber trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germost, the chemical group Solvay can showcase new lightmass materials formulated for the car industry, along with other products specially created for 3D printing applications and functional prototyping. The material chemists can commence two new Technyl products for the car market, a heat performance polyamide for thermal management and an new halogen content tailored for sensitive electrical applications. The Business Manager for Transportation at Solvay’s Specialty Polymers, Sandra McClelland, can manufacture a presentation at K 2016 detailing their dedication to lightmass materials, detailing how high end polymers are assisting reduce CO2 emissions by lowering vehicle mass. Solvay can in addition unveil new additions to its Technyl Sinterline polyamide (PA) powders line, that are specially created for 3D printing applications and for createment of functional prototypes for tiny series productions. In addition to lightmass materials, the company can focus on sustainability, launching Technyl 4earth premium recycled solutions, and can in addition showcase high-performance materials used for binders and separators for lithium ion batteries that assist enhance safety and performance.

Hasting Point Engineer Invents ‘Lead Mate’ to Assist With Dog Walking

swm-leadmateWhen Hastings Point, Australia-based mechanical engineer Jaan Hurditch was appearing for a effortless-bodied solution to stop his dog of pulling away at the sight of other dogs or cats, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Hurditch created and 3D printed the ‘Lead Mate’, a plastic attachment that screws onto the leash, enabling the dog walker to have advantageous grip and control over their canine companion. Whilst he was createing the attachment, Hurditch decided that he may buy a 3D printing device instead of paying a service bureau to do the work for him, that was his big introduction into additive making. He in addition gave samples of his product to friends and dog shelters, via their feedback to refine his yett into a viable-bodied and assistful attachment. After the prototype was accomplished, the engineer took his create to a plastic createer to bring the Lead Mate to full-scale production. The Lead Mate is may already on the market-bodied to purchase directly of the product website for $9.95.

“I appeared into getting it 3D-printed but it was going to be super expensive, so I discovered 3D printing devices for sale and ended up buying one and learning how to use it,” Hurditch said. “It was really a learning curve in itself and it took most months to get a decent print out of the printing device.”

Sculpteo Launches 14 New Colored Paints for Their White Plastic Material

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 10.02.35 AMWhen the France-based 3D printing service bureau Sculpteo expands their 3D printing capabilities, it is not always in the form of new materials. This time around, Sculpteo has announced 14 new colors of paint that can be used to finish their talked about White Plastic material. The service bureau can apply the paint via a spray gun, giving the print a uniform and smooth coat of colorfulness. The paint layer can add only 200 microns of thickness to the 3D printed part, and is quite durable-bodied and provides long-lasting intense color. The cellulose paint being used by Sculpteo is yettl for all uses as far as prototyping goes, yet they warn that the paint on mechanical parts may wear away over time. The new colors include black, mouse grey, white, yellow, red, blue, green, purple, orange, pink, beige, metal grey, gold, and silver, each of that can be on the market-bodied in a matte or glossy finish. You can see additional picture of the new vivid colors on Sculpteo’s blog post detailing the new paints.

iGo3D Acquires 3D Printing Education Brand GetReady4 3D

iGoEuropean reseller and distributor of computer desktop 3D printing equipment iGo3D has only revealed that they’ve gaind GetReady4 3D, a brand and project with the goal to offer to 3D printing literacy. The project was co-discovereded by Diogo Quental, the not long ago appointed CEO of iGo3D, and Nadia Yaakoubi, who assisted coordinate the Learning Area in iGo3D. Already built in Europe for distributing and reselling high-grade 3D printing hardware, software, and materials, iGo3D can focus on providing 3D printing education to their customers. According to iGo3D, the educational activities hosted by GetReady4 3D can stay the same, sharing 3D printing education through their website, along with their 3D Printing online course that was created in collaboration with SABE Online. The addition of additional educational content in German can be implemented onto the platform over time.

“With both co-discovereders of GetReady4 3D working for iGo3D it seemed effortless to merge the efforts of both companies at a few point,” said Tobias Redlin, co-discovereder and managing director of iGo3D. “GetReady4 3D focus was on contributing 3D printing literacy, precisely what we wanted to add to iGo3D. The decision to gain the project was logical. We assume that we can leverage GetReady4 3D work in two new areas that we are preparing: iBS, the iGo3D area for Business Solutions; and the coming iGo3D Education Programme.”

SOLIDWORKS Suppliers in Poland Expand Distribution, Offer Verashape 3D Printers

Tomasz Szymański, CEO of Verashape

Tomasz Szymański, CEO of Verashape

The two major suppliers of SOLIDWORKS in Poland, CADWorks and SOLIDEXPERT, can expand their services in a new partnership with Verashape, the createer of VSHAPER 3D printing devices. Due to the rising needs of their customers, the two suppliers have decided to create upon their 3D printing device product portfolio, and can assist Verashape grow their distribution network both in Poland and around the world. Companies that use VSHAPER 3D printing device can obtain product training and assist during equite stage of the distribution system. As a matter of fact, a few of the specialists working with CADWorks in fact assisted create the initially line of VSHAPER 3D printing devices, meaning that a knowledge and needs of the 3D printing company are most likely may already well understood. With CADWorks and SOLIDEXPERT on their side, Verashape can appear to expand their distribution network to new customers.

“We’ve decided to join our efforts with Verashape based on the desire to go on previous cooperation between our companies. Specialists of CADWorks worked on the createment of the initially VSHAPER printing devices, they are yet assisting the constructors of Verashape in the create system with the use of SolidWorks software. It is not a revolution but an evolution, and the choice of a partner was an obvious one,” says Wojciech Marchewczyk, Managing Director in CADWorks.

Voxel8 Creates Sample Part to Show Off the Ability of Their Developer’s Kit Electronics 3D Printer

The 3D printed sample part

The 3D printed sample part

In order to promote their new Developer’s Kit electronics 3D printing device, Voxel8 is offering prospective customers a sample part that features the capability of their innovation. The 3D printed sample part contains an embedded resistor and LED, both of that were printed in their Standard Silver Ink on our the Developer’s Kit platform. According to Voxel8, the part takes only a matter of minutes to achieve, and displays the exceptional multi-material performance of their electronics 3D printing device. To obtain the 3D printed sample part for free, just order it of Voxel8 via the coupon code “USBLIGHT” at checkout. Alyet the Developer’s Kit is in high demand, the company claims that shipping times for the Developer’s Kit 3D printing device are may already stabilized at four to eight weeks of the time of purchase. Discuss additional over in the 3D Printing Weekly News forum thread at 3DPB.com.