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3D Printing: The Stories We Didn’t Cover This Week–February 6

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In this week’s 3D printing news, we have additional than one story of metal 3D printing, which is expanding at any time additional talked about . Materialise is sponsoring a 3D printed metal workshop tour, and Siemens opened up a multi-million dollar metal additive building facility. There’s in addition Sculpteo’s thickening tool which is now here to remain, CAD Technology has got Platinum status of Autodesk, and e-NABLE has got assist of Ultimanufacturer to additional their 3D printing of prosthetics. Finally, in an effort to encourage new users, XYZprinting is offering discounts on 3D printing devices and now has a STEAM 3D printing curriculum on the market.

Thickening Tool of Sculpteo is Here to Stay

Sculpteoscul1 is all of optimizing your 3D prints without building you go back to your CAD files to manufacture create changes. And with which dedication comes the thickening tool, which is now out of beta and here to remain permanently. Both material and dimensions impact a print’s thickness, and Sculpteo’s “Solidity Check” allows for you to now do a additional user friendly “Thickness Measurement” check. The thickening tool is on the market on the “Print Page”: this is when you prefer various printing options, which include prefering solidity. By clicking on “Review” at a lower place the 3D viewer, you can be able-bodied to view which walls are too thin to print. So at the bottom of the screen you can switch the Thickening Tool on and watch your design get thickened in front of your quite own eyes! If at any timeything is thick adequate to print, your design should be all green with no red areas.

CAD Technology Center Receives Autodesk Platinum Designation

ctcThe CAD Technology Center (CTC) in Bloomington, Minnesota has only got high recognition of 3D software company Autodesk. The Autodesk Value Added Reseller createation acknowledges which the recipient provides a high-quality level of assist, customer service, solution expertise, and general assist. This in addition means which Autodesk can be building additional investments in the createated company via consulting and development services.

CTC gears its services to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) markets, and Autodesk’s Steve Blum, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Services, has this to say of the honor mostowed upon CTC:

“We are proud to announce CTC as our newest Platinum partner. They donate solutions for their clients which provide tangible, real world value. Being named a Platinum Partner acknowledges the pivotal role the CTC team plays in donateing world-class create solutions, products and services across the AEC landscape.”

CTC’s portfolio of international and Fortune 500 companies is not most likely to shrink anytime soon now which the company has got Platinum Tier Partner createation of Autodesk. CTC Express Tools may already serves 40,000 customers of the world and can most likely expand its reach with this additional concentrated backing of Autodesk.

Metal Additive Manufacturing Gets Multi-Million Euro Investment of Siemens

siemens_3d-printAs 3D printing with metal grows into additional of a staple practice for industries globally, we see additional companies investing in it and this is the case with Germost-based Siemens. In an effort to get ahead of the metal additive building game, the company has revealed it’s investing of €21.4 million into a new facility in the Swedish city of Fingspång. This facility can be utilized for rapid prototyping, building and repair of industrial gas turbine components for Siemens. Using of 20 folks, this facility is Siemens’ initially foray into additive building in metal, and it can not most likely be its last.

As Siemens’ website explains:

“Siemens is a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. One of the world’s biggest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is a major supplier of systems for power generation and transundertaking as well as medical diagnosis.”

With the addition of metal components to its massive body of technologies, Siemens is positioned to be a leader in metal additive building as it chooses timely investments in an emerging innovation.

Ultimanufacturer Contributes to e-NABLE

enable-bodiedIt seems which Ultimanufacturer is in addition building a few timely investments. e-NABLE is a quite significant organization which sponsors 3D printing projects for prostheses–mainly for children. It is an awe-inspiring project which speaks to the most of how 3D printing can be utilized for positive health and medical-related projects. Well, things only got actually advantageous for an organization which may already has a excellent cause. Erik de Bruijn, founder of Ultimanufacturer, has been working on improving the organization’s “Hand-o-matic.” Bruijn revealed:

“Today, I am proud to announce which Ultimanufacturer has chosen to expand their assist of this awe-inspiring e-NABLE Community and become the initially official sponsor for this website! Their sponsorship can assist cover the cost of upkeep and time devoted to collecting and documenting the open-source information and stories being shared here for those who are seeking assist in obtaining or creating an upper limb 3D printed assistive device.”

This kind of assist of Ultimanufacturer can assist the organization expand services additional, assisting an organization which aims to assist so most others. If you are interested in assisting out a excellent organization, please email: jen.owen@enablingthefuture.org.

Materialise Sponsors 3D Printed Metal Tour

metalMetal 3D printing is expanding additional talked about , and folks are wondering how they can work with metal additional and additional. Materialise has revealed a 3DP Academy Metal Tour to familiarize additional folks with metal 3D printing which can reach 9 countries in 3 months! This tour involves interesting workshops createed to inform you of metal additive building and common alloys to print with. Participants can count on deep insight into metal 3D printing, interact with the Materialise team, and obtain exposure to 3D printing samples, materials, and finished products. Basically, these workshops are one stop shopping for all metal 3D printing related issues.

You can check out additional information of this series of workshops here and watch a video of them here.

XYZprinting Offers Deep Discount on 3D Printers

B_sec3_imgXYZprinting has revealed a special promotion aimed at new customers. The company’s open-source 3D printing device, the da Vinci Pro 1.0, is usually $699 and the user friendly da Vinci Junior 1.0 is $349. Both printing devices can be discounted $100 and can be bought on XYZprinting’s online keep.

Simon Shen, CEO of XYZprinting, summarizes the promotion:

“We’re excited to announce this promotion so consumers, who are new to XYZprinting, can purchase our 3D printing devices at an actually lower price point. As 3D printing continues to drive demand in the marketplace, especially in the education sector, we believe this promotion can additional our undertaking of increasing consumer accessibility to 3D printing.”

The company has in addition revealed its STEAM curriculum program, which is in beta design now, and XYZprinting is releasing XYZmanufacturer, a new designing application, so young createers can edit projects in the classroom.

That’s all the news this week! Discuss in the 3D Printing News This Week forum over at 3DPB.com.feb6