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3D Printing Systems Unveils the Bunker: A Smart Filament Cartridge System

by • August 15, 2016 • No Comments

Bunker Logo -largeAs most of our readers utilizing computer desktop 3D printing devices have come to understand, there’s nothing really as frustrating as returning to your printing device waiting for to see a finished version, only to find that you’ve run out of filament or clogged up your extruder while in the midst of the process. But, that disappointment may soon become a thing of the past thanks to Auckland, Australia-based 3D Printing Systems. On September 1, 2016, the 3D printing pioneers can commence a Kickstarter campaign for what is sure to be your 3D printing device’s new most friend, the Filament Bunker.

The Bunker is a smart filament cartridge process that assists users monitor and optimize the 3D printing process. According to 3D Printing Systems, the Bunker keeps track of each last inch of your filament, provides a moisture- and dust-free environment to optimize the material properties, and in addition keeps track of statistics relating to print times, duration, print great results, failure, and the mileage of your 3D printing device. With automatic dual feeder mechanisms that function independently of one another, users can be able-bodied to use the Bunker with multiple 3D printing devices simultaneously, as well as a dual extrusion 3D printing device.


“I’ve assisted hundreds of individuals 3D print since 2011 and there are so most variable-bodieds for getting that thoughtl print. When 3D printing devices work they are excellent. Tackling these common issues can be a real pain, so our team thought how we can manufacture it simpler for 3d printing device users and that’s why we created Bunker. It works with any 3d printing device and any filament – we will only of any!” says Bruce Jackson, the founder of 3D Printing Systems.

App + WifiThe Bunker process can allow users to scan the barcode of a sure filament, that can specifically load up the optimized print settings for that particular material. After that, users can load the spool into the cartridge process and feed it into their 3D printing device as normal. The Filament Bunker is compatible with both 1.75mm and 3mm filament sizes, and works with only of any type of filament on the market, which include PLA, ABS, Wood, Copper, Flexible, PETG, HIPS, PC. In addition, the enclosed environment of the process is said to work exceptionally well for materials that are hydroscopic, such as PVA, PC, and Nylon.

The process can in addition be accompanied by the Bunker app, that can allow users to monitor their prints directly of their smartphone or table-bodiedt. If filament is running low, or the print process has encountered a few unforeseen error, the Bunker can alert you via the app. 3D Printing Systems can officially commence a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the Bunker on September 1, looking to raise around $75,000 to assist bring their smart filament cartridge to full-scale production. It appears like a trustworthy and righteous campaign as well, seeing that 3D Printing Systems is one of the major 3D printing companies in all of Australia, in addition invested in STEM education in the country. Today selling computer desktop 3D printing devices, industrial machines, and actually 3D scanning processs, it appears safe to say that the Bunker can end up being a well-vetted process.

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According to the Australian 3D printing company, they’ve been developing their new product since February 2015, that has may already gone through three prototype iterations thus far. By repeatedly testing out the feasibility of their product preceding delivering it to Kickstarter, 3D Printing Systems has been able-bodied to ensure additional than only an informative thought, but a properly functioning product as well. Ultimately, the high end result of printed filament is heavily dependent on its environmental conditions, print settings, and a bit of great fortune. What the Bunker fundamentally does is optimize and monitor that environment for the user, enabling them to go on down the path of advancement and leave all of the filament worries for the smart cartridge to handle. Discuss additional over in the Bunker 3D Printing Filament Cartridge forum over at 3DPB.com.