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3D Printing Services Search Engine 3Dprintler Adds New File Formats and Dropbox Integration

by • February 20, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_3dprintler_logo3Dprintler is a 3D printing services and resources search engine which was made to connect companies which contribute 3D printing services to customers looking for the most prices and printing options. It allows for users to select of additional than 254 various materials and compare prices, printing turnaround times, high end and shipping costs. Their quickly expanding database of service providers can match up an uploaded 3D version with the most high end material options and prices as easily as via Google or Bing. Not only can they provide users with pricing of the industries biggest service providers like Shapeways, Sculpteo and iMaterialise but 3Dprintler in addition connects them to local companies who may be able-bodied and caning to beat their prices.

The 3Dprintler search engine is a much needed service for businesses or newcomers to 3D printing who may not know how prices are calculated, or how to recognize a great or a bad deal. Because the 3D printing industry is so new, service pricing and contributes are going to alter wildly of company to company depending on their specific resources, which include location, equipment and on the market-bodied materials. 3Dprintler allows for users to manufacture sure which they can find the most deal, and actually the most material for their needs. And they have in addition assembled a sizeable database of information of various technologies, systemes, materials and uses for 3D printing to assist new users manufacture educated choices of via 3D printing in their business or to print products for their own very own use.

3DPrintler is on the market-bodied on the computer desktop or as a mobile app.

3Dprintler is on the market-bodied on the computer desktop or as a mobile app.

Having only launched at CES 2016 in January, 3Dprintler may yet be finding its sea legs as a service, but they’re may already responding to their users needs and desires. Feedback of 3D enthusiasts, hobbyists, and industrial professionals has may already assisted them expand the amount of service providers which they can search through. And after receiving a few new investors the company has now been able-bodied to address another issue which was brought to their attention, the amount of file types which 3Dprintler supports. The company only revealed which they have made a ton of new file formats on the market-bodied for their price comparison service.

Here is a fish list of all of the new searchable-bodied file formats which are now on the market-bodied:

3DS AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max binary mesh files;ASC ASC 3D points cloud files;ASE AutoCAD ASCII export files;BYU Movie.BYU surface geometry files;DXF AutoCAD DXF files;GMOD Golgotha GMOD files;HRC SoftImage hierarchical files;IV SGI Inventor files;OBJ WaveFront Advanced Visualizer ASCII files; a file format of Alias;OFF GEOMVIEW OFF files;POV Persistence of Vision files (output only);SMF Michael Garland’s format for his QSLIM program;STL/STLA ASCII Stereolithography files;STLB binary Stereolithography files;SWM Syndicate Wars game maps and structures file format (input only);SWV Syndicate Wars game vehicles primveh file format (input only);TEC TECPLOT files (output only);TRI/TRIA a easy ASCII triangle format requested by Greg Hood;TRIB a easy binary triangle format requested by Greg Hood;TXT a text dump (output only);UCD Advanced Visual Systems (AVS) Unstructured Cell Data (output only);VLA Evans and Sutherland Digistar II VLA files for planetariums;WRL WRL/VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) files (output only).XGL the XGL format, based on the XML language and OpenGl graphics (output only).

New 3DPrintler Dropbox integration.

New 3Dprintler Dropbox integration.

In addition to the new list of supported file formats, the 3Dprintler team has in addition made a Dropbox API so users can upload files directly of their Dropbox account. 3D printable-bodied files can now easily be synced with the 3Dprintler app securely via the cloud, and the integration of the Dropbox API can manufacture the entire system of uploading files simpler and faster. You can try out the 3Dprintler app here, and store track of all the new showcases which are sure to be introduced in the coming months by visiting the 3Dprintler blog. Do these new showcases appeal to you? Discuss in the 3Dprintler Offers New Features for 3D Printing Enthusiasts forum over at 3DPB.com.