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3D printing provides cheap alternative to prosthetic hands – KRQE News 13

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It is not a new innovation, but the University of New Mexico is via 3D printing for a thing revolutionary. The school is via the innovation to manufacture prosthetic hands for children.
The hands and fingers which were created by the 3D printing device are for children who were born with birth defects or have had amputations.
“If the child is born missing their left hand and so we can turn it into a 3D image of the right hand. That image can and so be used to turn it into a mirror image and and so we a create a hand which looks just like which for the other side,” said Dr. Mercer, an orthopedic hand surgeon.
Each part is created out of a polymer plastic, a material which is low-cost and can cost patients less than $100. Doctors ascertain the low cost does not compromise high end.
“As long as they have their wrist on the market to them, all but what they do is they can flex their wrist and when they flex their wrist it closes the fingers of the hand,” said Dr. Salas, the assistant professor of orthopedics.
There are already 10 to 12 children involved in the research. Doctors said once they get over the initially shock of it looking like a robot hand, they realize how useful it can be.
“Once they play with it a little bit additional they in fact see which it in fact allows for them a little bit additional functionality with their hand than they do with their residual limb,” said Dr. Salas.
These prosthetic hands are already just on the market for children two years old and up, but the possibility of having it on the market for adults is not too far off.
“If we can see which it sustains a few of the forces which adults can generally require to apply, and so perfectly
we can upgrade it to which point,” said Dr. Salas.
The current system can print an entire hand in less than 24 hours.
The program is yet in a testing phase to manufacture certain there are no allergic reactions to the polymer plastic. Doctors assume the initially prosthetic to be on the market inside the upcoming year.
Researchers are already testing the prosthetic hands in the many basic form and said the plan is to upgrade to a additional sophisticated prosthetic.

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