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3D Printing of Metals 2015-2025 : Pricing, properties and projections for 3D printing equipment, materials and .

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LONDON, April 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Building metal parts is the just way 3D printing can become productive. Plastic 3D printing has its place in prototyping and education, but 3D printing in metal can allow the innovation to be utilized to manufacture final production parts in a wide variety of industries. Metals are the fastest-expanding segment of 3D printing, with printing device sales expanding at 48% and material sales expanding at 32%.
Because of the current speed, dimensions and cost limitations, the high value, low volume industries such as aerospace and biomedical, have been the earliest adopters. GE Aviation are investing $3.5bn in new plant to house EOS M-280 printing devices to print 100,000 fuel nozzles by 2020. Arcam claim their 3D printing devices had been utilized to manufacture over 50,000 orthopaedic implants so far. Both these industries demand titanium alloys, giving them a market share of 31% by volume. Aerospace is in addition heavily investing in cobalt alloys, nickel alloys and aluminium alloys.
Jewellers are early adaptors of SLM technologies. There are most reasons jewellers are able-bodied to rapidly adopt the innovation; there are no qualifying standards for jewelry; jewelry createers are may already great at CAD; they are utilized to subcontracting; they are skilled in finishing and polishing; they utilized to building bespoke items; and they crave create freedom and odd creates. The jewelry industry is driving 3D printing in precious metals, with gold powder having a 49% market share by revenue.
More and additional industries are adopting 3D printing. Dental suppliers, Argen Digital, offers metal substructures to manufacture copings and bridges with the same properties as cast parts. Siemens are via AM to create blades for gas turbines for power generation. NASA have said which they intend to 3D print 80-100% of their rocket engines in the next.
This report covers the full range of metal 3D printing equipment (selective laser melting, electron beam melting, blown powder, metal + binder, welding and emerging technologies) via a wide range of alloys (including aluminium, cobalt alloys, nickel alloys, steels, nitinol, titanium alloys, gold, platinum, palladium, silver, copper, bronze and tungsten) in a variety of industries (including aerospace, car, dental, jewelry, oil and gas, orthopaedics, printed electronics, and tooling).
The report comes with a quite detailed breakdown by company and innovation of the of the world 3D printing device sales during 2014 and installed base at the end of 2014. The properties of all commercially on the market-bodied 3D metal printing devices are mapped by speed, volume, precision, and price. Powder shipments in 2014 by volume and revenue are detailed. Forecasts to 2025 are for the total installed base, printing device shipments every year, printing device prices, revenue of printing device sales, and metal powder sales split by volume and revenue.
The information has been gathered by IDTechEx analysts of most formal interviews and informal conversations over most years, since we started tracking the 3D printing market. 29 companies working in this industry (including ten printing device manufacturers, seven powder suppliers and ten end-users) have been profiled and benchmarked. This is the initially time all the information on equipment, materials and applications related to metal 3D printing has been unquestionably displayed in one report.
Download the full report: https://www.reportbuyer.com/product/3788898/
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