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3D Printing Metal from Rust – Hackaday

by • January 13, 2016 • No Comments

It appears backwards, but engineers of Northwestern University have created 3D printing metal simpler (and some day cheaper) by adding extra production steps to the procedure. (Paper available in PDF).
Laser sintering works by laying down a thin layer of metal powder and and so hitting it with a sturdy adequate laser to sinter the particles together. (Sintering sticks the grains together without getting the metal hot adequate to melt it.) The rapid local heating and cooling required to build up 3D objects expands and cools the metal, and can result in stresses within the resulting object.
The Northwestern team yet lays down layers of powder, but glues the layers together with a quick-drying polymer instead of fusing them with a laser. Once the full model is printed, they and so sinter it in one piece in an oven.anewwaytopri_tn3D-printed copper lattice. Credit: Ramille Shah and David DunandThe advantages of adding this extra step are higher printing speed — squirting the liquid out of syringe heads can be faster than fusing metal particles with a laser — and increased structural integrity for the reason the whole model is heated and cooled at one time. A fringe benefit is which the model is yet a bit flexible preceding firing, opening up possibilities for printing a flat model and and so bending it into shape preceding sintering.
And if which weren’t adequate, the team figured which they’d add a third step to the procedure to allow it to be utilized with rust (iron oxide) as the starting powder. They print the rust and polymer model, and so un-rust the iron using hydrogen, and and so fire it as preceding. Why rust? Do you understand anything cheaper to use as a raw material?
What do you ponder? The basic yett may even be DIYable — glue metal particles together and heat them up adequate to stick. Not in my microwave oven, yet. We’d love to see a additional energy-efficient 3D metal printer.
Thanks to [Joe] for the tip!

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