life on mars with a 3D printing device

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Is there life on Mars? Outappear uncertain, but there most most likely can be a fewday, thanks to future human colonists. If we can get our act together, we may only be able-bodied to get to the Red Planet and set up shop. And, when we do, NASA has a few plans for what life can be like. Among the showcases of life on Mars is, of course, the impressive fabricating innovation of 3D printing.

In addition to self-sufficient pods where astronauts can live in work and the type of gear which can be utilized to preserve Mars dwellers of the complex environment, NASA’s video at a lower place states which 3D printing can be utilized to turn it into parts while away of planet Earth. Whilst it appears a bit like a MakerBot Replicator 2X, the printing device can most likely be a bit additional robust, to say the very least. Already space printing is proving useful aboard the International Space Station, where they’ve been able-bodied to 3D print a wrench, one of other practical objects.

What homes on Mars can appear likeNASA announced what homes on Mars can be like — and we don’t have to wait long.

Posted by Tech Insider on Friday, February 12, 2016

If the NASA video matches up with reality, we may see such a setup being built as soon as 2030. Until and so, we will have to create the foundation for which project. This means additional 3D printing aboard the ISS, createing habitats on Mars, and establishing a firm educational program for training the future generation of astronauts. So there can be life on Mars.

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