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3D Printing, Fashion and Functionality Meet in New Affordable, Customizable SpeX Eyewear

by • August 18, 2016 • No Comments

IMG 8For most folks, eyeglasses are a necessity, but they’re in addition a functional style accessory. Using the right pair of frames is a big task; after all, your glasses are going to be on your face quite much at all times, so you want a thing reasonably fashionable. Similar to other accessories and apparel, glasses frames are subject to changing style trends, but they’re in addition pricey, so you want to settle on a thing that you can be pleased with for a long time.

If you take place to break your frames and don’t have the extra money to replace them – well, back in my day that intended you’d have to be the weird kid with the Scotch-taped glasses. Now, yet, there are much cheaper, simpler, and rader ways to replace your broken glasses. The thought for SpeX 3D printed eyeglass frames came to founder Chris Nieves by chance and out of require – as most product thoughts do.

“The Eyewear themselves came of a rad light bulb moment. I had only graduated as an engineer and I had broke my warrantied pair. I didn’t have any money, but had access to a 3D printing device. I in fact challenged myself (squinting a lot) to turn it into and turn it into the eyewear,” he tells 3DPrint.com. “Another rad thing is that I in fact didn’t realize what I had made at the time. I kept getting compliments on my eyewear for a solid 6 months and was working on a concludely various project I wanted to market preceding someone in fact came up to me and wanted to buy a pair. Only and so did I realize that other folks may in fact use what I had made.”

IMG 4There is in fact a quite serious monopoly on the eyewear industry, Nieves explains, that is why frames are so expensive – but luckily, eyewear is a product that lends itself perfectly to 3D printing. Once Nieves accomplished that the glasses he had printed for himself appealed to so most folks, he decided to turn his thought into a business. SpeX Eyewear commenceed this week with a Kickstarter campaign that aims to raise $5,100 by September 14. Made of aerospace-quality urethane plastic and made of 3D printed molds, SpeX are sturdy and durable, yet flexible and lightweight – and they’re quite rad-looking, too.

The Kickstarter is starting out with six various frame styles, but additional can be coming on a regular basis, and multiple interchangeable pieces allow for effortless customization – particularly for the reason all parts only snap together without the require for screws or tools.

“At commence there can be a total of 225 various combinations on the market,” Nieves tells us. “Even if you swapped through a set each hour it may take over 9 days to in fact cover all of the possibilities.”

IMG 14

Today there are five color choices on the market, with astronomical names such as midnight blue, star yellow, solar red, plasma clear and galaxy black. The SpeX team has partnered with lens developer EyeGlass People, that can provide prescription lenses along with the frames if you select – only scan your prescription to them along with any special showcases you want (scratch-resistant, anti-glare, etc.) and they’ll turn it into your lenses, put them in your chosen frame, and ship them out to you.

IMG 6For a contribution of $90, backers can obtain an early bird special on a full pair of eyewear, conclude with prescription lenses – for non-early birds, the pledge level for the same is $100. Lower pledge amounts contribute extra pieces for your glasses – for a contribution of $30, you can get an extra pair of temples, or earpieces, and for $60, you can get an extra frame. You can get two full pairs of eyewear for an early bird price of $175 or regular price of $190. $425 can get you five pairs, while $800 can get you 10 so you can mix and match like crazy.

Alyet his tiny, individual project has turned into a full business, Nieves has kept his sturdy maker spirit throughout the formation of SpeX.

“We in fact use 3D printing in the turn it into system, testing system, and making system. Each system requires a totally various printing device and totally various material,” he tells us. “We in fact source eachthing of American tiny businesses, of the Eurathane molds, to the turn it intoers, Rx lenses, to the actual developers. Everything is tiny local businesses that donate back to their respective communities. Nothing is outsourced.”

And that is how it’s going to remain. You can learn additional in the Kickstarter video at a lower place, and discuss the topic additional over in the SpeX 3D Printed Eyeglasses forum at 3DPB.com.