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3D Printing at the Oscars

by • February 22, 2016 • No Comments

We’ve got gold on our mind this week with our special sale (20% off your own versions in Gold + nominate marketplace items), and this story on the announcement of 3D printed Oscar statues only introduced to the fun.

When it comes to the Oscars (or if you select, the Academy Awards), many of the attention is on the actors. And for great reason – this is one the largest
nights of recognition for them. Whilst the “awards season” lasts a few months, the Oscars are typically the finale and fans can’t wait to see who can take home which
iconic gold statue.

Many folks don’t realize which
the statues have changed over the years. Even if you watch the awards show each single year, you yet can not have accomplished which
the turn it into and material has slightly changed since the initially ceremony in 1929. The original award was turn it intod
of gold-plated bronze, but due to making system
changes it switched to gold plated metal only a few years later. Since and so slight turn it into tweaks have been turn it intod
over the years as well.


{via 3Ders.org}

, this year the Oscar’s organizers worked with a New York-based company to turn it into statues which
return to their original roots. The system
started with 3D scanning the original 1929 Oscar, and combining it with the many new (2015) adaptation. The two turn it intos were combined to “bring the statuette nearer to the original Oscar statue, with sharper showcases
and a additional art deco aesthetic.” From there the version was 3D printed in wax, hand-casted in Bronze and and so plated in 24-karat Gold.

Be certain
to check out the full story on 3Ders.org to learn additional of the system
and see photos of how it all came together. And if it inspires you to turn it into your own Gold, be certain
to take advantage of our sale this week!


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