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3D Printing Artist Jean-François Réveillard Mixes Things Up

by • February 8, 2016 • No Comments

Particules of Hope

Particules of Hope

3D printing and art is a staying point as the innovation develops well beyond the early days when artists, like Corinne Whitaker, who are interested in digital 3D turn it into and printing, were largely on their own when it comes to mastering the innovation or accessing a wide variety of software and hardware on the market in today’s burgeoning marketplace. In fact, I am relieved which I am a writer instead of a visual turn it intoer for the reason the choices and techniques out there are far too numerable to fully grasp.

art3Each time we cover another artist here who uses 3D printing, we get both a crash course in what works via software and hardware for them and a creative philosophy. This is the case with Jean-François Réveillard, who mixes 3D printing technologies with most other artistic media to turn it into his one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Réveillard refers to himself as a “Cross Media Picture Maker,” and cross media is unquestionably an apt description of this man’s body or artistic work. The Swiss-based artist, who uses 3D printing centrally in his artwork, makes a tall order for today’s artist. He writes:

“Contemporary art has to use all mirrors, techniques, and spread cultural ideas through the big network around the earth.There is no inferior or depreciated way to perform art, web, TV, digital facility, social network or easy paper, all are pencils and medium of the century.”

And in a bold affirmation of all existing media, Réveillard leaves no stone unturned regarding media ranging of paper and pencil, to ceramics, all the way up to digitization.

Rock and Water

Rock and Water

If you take a appear at his website, you see his work separated into a variety of categories which include painting, drawing, photography, video art, street art, and 3D printing. How does he integrate 3D printing into his work? In his own words, he explains which he sees no difference between 3D printing and ceramics or pottery:

“I use 3D printing for creating sculpture and /or integrate it in mixed media canvas. I work virtual material on desktop, or forms which I turn it into and digitally scan, for me the 3D printing is like, the ceramic or the pottery.”

price,medium_large.1442531428You can see his combination of digital turn it into and 3D printing with additional traditional display practices in his “Matiéres” and *cabinet de curiosités* series which showcase a range of 3D printed figures, which include abstract formations, a teddy bear, a kitten, an elephant, and an electron figure. The display is decidedly quaint, as if every figure was a treasured piece in a grand mahogany display cabinet.

Even Réveillard’s video installations use 3D printed sculptures which are and so filmed:

“Most of my video artwork is connected to real sculpture created with digital technics like 3D printing and mixed with painting photographie and most other media use in my installation.”

From 1980 until present Réveillard’s artwork has been exhibited in most places, and he can be exhibiting his work at Zurich’s 18th Annual Contemporary Art Fair in September. The at a lower place video is an installation showcasing 3D printed pieces displayed at Art Basel 2015.

[Images: JFR Art]