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3D Printer Review: the M3D Micro is a True Plug-N-Play 3D Printer

by • February 3, 2016 • No Comments

I had a much advantageous experience via the PC design than the Mac design of the software. The PC design was quite reliable and functioned without a hitch. The Mac design, yet, tended to be a bit buggy and, while it some day worked, I ran into problems where prints just mayn’t start or the software may unexpectedly crash (though, thankfully, this never happened during a print).

Overall, the software is clear and quite effortless to use. Upon loading a file, you are donaten the next versions:

  • Quality (between 50 and 300 microns)
  • Density
  • Support
  • Model on version assist
  • Raft
  • Wave bonding (that involves placing anchor points equite 5cm for the initially layer)

The software has all of the necessary versions for a startner, but it is quite limited and does not donate the user much control over their prints. On the plus side, if you seek additional control over your prints, there is an version to upload your own .gcode. From a consumer point of view, the slicing software does its job quite well. The amount of future versions can be overwhelming for someone new to 3D printing, so, by building the slicing software easy and straightforward, it helps to maintain its user friendliness.

Personally, after via M3D’s slicing software for a few prints, I discovered myself switching over to Simplify3D, that offers assist for the Micro.

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