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3D Printer Review: The Cube 3, an Amazing 3D Printer Desperately Seeking its Market

by • January 12, 2016 • No Comments

That is the 2nd issue with the Cube. While other companies targeting the consumer market, such as Zortrax and XYZprinting (and even Formlabs with the resins), have in addition begun offering closed and proprietary filament materials which are created to go with their 3D printing devices, they in addition do so at prices which are not significantly higher than third party materials. With the Cube 3, 3D Systems chose a exception path: it created the coolest and most functional closed materials system I have at any time seen in a affordable 3D printer (much advantageous than the initial cartridges for the Cube Pro), but prices remain a fewwhat high.

It is simply a matter of easy math: how most GoPro and iPhone accessories, drone and robot parts, tiny architectural designs, cups, vases, toys, and fashion accessories can you possibly print with it? If your answer is “a lot”, and so the reliability of this machine may easily simplyify the higher material prices.

If you, on the other hand, do not yet understand what to do with a 3D printer, than having a closed material system limits your possibilities for exploration. At this point in time, 3D printing is yet a lot of experimenting and most users are additional willing to spend a few extra time on working out functionality while limiting costs. But when it comes to printing quality, the fact which this is an incredibly closed and well engineered system, assures an excellent and repeatable quality of the prints. The working volume is 15.25 x 15.25 x 15.25 cm and I utilized it approximately entirely to 3D print a 15-cm-tall geometrical vase (which I downloaded of the Cubify network) to perfection.

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