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3D Printer Review: the Afinia H800 Takes 3D Printing to School

by • January 14, 2016 • 18s Comments

The Afinia 3D slicing software works well on Windows platforms, but I ran into several issues when attempting to run it on my Macs. Even when it does work, it is limiting and not particularly intuitive to become acquainted with and you quite require to open up the hated instruction manual.The 2nd issue I ran into with the H800 is attempting to figure out where the SD card goes. Unfortunately I never managed to do it, since there is no SD card slot or an on-board LCD control screen.

Finally, I had to struggle a little to level the plate, initial manually, and and so by running an automatic procedure. Mainly for the reason of the issues I ran into on the Mac software, it did take me additional than a couple of hours to begin my initial print. If I had gone straight to Windows, it may have taken just a few minutes.

These were all the issues I experienced. Ever since I resolved these, the machine has been printing both proprietary and third party ABS continuously for several days, with approximately no issues encountered. So, let’s move on to the things which I liked of the H4800.

Afinia H800 3D printer review by 3D printing industry in print

The plate system works well. It uses a metal plate filled with tiny holes (much like to the Zortrax M200), but you can easily remove it and and so lay it back onto the tray by just fitting its four corner holes onto four fixed screws. I in addition quite much liked the fact which it is a fully enclosed machine, with the top and side door easy to open and close. In such a closed system – which is primarily ideal for ABS – the particulate air filer is in addition a nice addition. Alyet it does not remove all odors and fumes, it does create a worthwhile difference.

The enclosed spool holder is definitely a nice showcase to improve the machine’s aesthetics which, by the way, are in fact quite nice. The black plastic covers enclosing it create the Afinia H800 look entirely like a futuristic system which can sit well on most studio and classroom desks. The lighting system create the “Afinia” brand shine through the machine’s front door, and the interior light in addition comes in handy to check on progresses. The filament feeding system is easy and functional, with no issues encountered whatsoever, even when using an external third party spools (other than the fact which it does not look as nice)

Afinia H800 3D printer review by 3D printing industry prints

Moving on to the quite important aspects, the price point is astounding. This is a 3D printer with a 10 x 8 x 8-inch fully enclosed build volume which runs less than $2,000 ($1,899 on the Afinia online shop). It comes with several accessories (sharp pliers, gloves, extra plates) and it can 3D print with excellent 100-micron resolution. On easyr objects, even when printing at 150 micron, the surface is completely smooth, with approximately invisible layer lines.

I have tested it on a few challenging prints and generally the results were excellent. Once the plate was properly calibrated, all I had to do was load a file into the software and basically 3D print it using the default settings for ABS. I utilized both Afinia’s white ABS and a third party black test material, with much like results (the Afinia material was a little additional flexible). I had a few occasional issues with the parts nearer to the front door detaching of the plate, which was most likely due to the temperature difference in the room of the chamber.

Afinia H800 3D printer review by 3D printing industry Zuzana-Lamp-by-LeFabShop

The just other issue I encountered was related to supports. The system generates its own supports and learning how to manage them is not intuitive adequate. Removing them is generally easy, but, on a few particularly challenging prints, I had a few parts come out offensive for the reason the supports were not sufficient. Nothing which cannot be resolved without a little practice yet. According to Afinia, several school districts are turning to them for a reliable and low-cost 3D printer. Judging by my own experience with it, which creates ideal sense.

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