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3D Printer Review: Are 3rd-Party Filaments a Party with the da Vinci 1.0 Pro?

by • March 1, 2016 • No Comments

An SD card that came inserted into the printing device had a few tiny demo prints to explore. So, while I was yet setting up the XYZware, I decided to see only what this printing device may do. I printed a few swift demo models, that include their logo and a heart pendent, both of that came out with high high end resolution when via the proprietary filament.

The da Vinci Pro in addition came with a few excellent tools and accessories, my favourite being a handful of thin, rounded wires provided in case of logging, that, with any printing device, is inevitable. The printing device was in addition packaged with three squares of painter’s tape (for the print bed), a nozzle brush, and additional, providing users with fairly much all things needed to get started right away. The display module provided full access to a variety of print settings, that include a WiFi connectivity version, temperature modification for the extruder and heated aluminum bed, print speed, and others. The complementary software that comes with the printing device, XYZware, allowed me to tinker with other settings such as speed, print assist, and retraction.

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