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3D printer creates full-color, multiple material prototypes in a single print run

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The latest enterprise-grade 3D printing device of Stratasys, the J750 version, is reportedly the initially that can print objects with photorealistic color accuracy. In addition, like other premium printing devices of the same company, it can in addition print in multiple materials to turn it into parts that are harsh or soft, opaque or transparent, for a few pretty astounding results.

  • The printing device can print materials of various harshness, gradients and actually transparencies
  • The Polyjet system allows for prototyping of harsh objects in a single print
  • The color accuracy and range of on the market textures can result in incredibly realistic prints
  • The J750 can reportedly print in 360,000 colors

The printing device makes use of proprietary “Polyjet” innovation, that Stratasys describes as the 3D analogous of inkjet printing. Tiny droplets of a photo-sensitive polymer are dropped on the tray and and so illuminated to harshen them on the spot. If the shape of the object is harsh, which include for instance a sudden overhang, the 3D turn it into software instantly adds printed, water-soluble supports that can be easily washed away later.

The J750 is not the initially Polyjet printing device of Stratasys, but it is the initially that can print in five colors – cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white – instead of only three. The addition of white in particular means the printing device can now use the CMYK system to derive a broad spectrum of 360,000 accurate color shades. Indeed, the printing device can actually return it into color gradients and harsh patterns such as wood grain, plaid, and so on.

Past 3D printing devices may in addition turn it into in color, but print high end and color accuracy may suffer in the system. The J750, on the other hand, can turn it into high-high end prints thanks to an horizontal resolution of 600 dpi and a vertical resolution up to an astounding 1,800 dpi (only 14 microns, or 0.00055 inches, per layer).

What is additional, the printing device can turn it into composite materials by mixing two or additional polymers right in the tray, and changing the polymer’s characteristics of rigid to flexible, and of opaque to transparent, all in the same print, depending on what is needed.

Build volume is 490 x 390 x 200 mm (19.3 x 15.35 x 7.9 in), and the internal cabinet has room adequate for a generous total 152 kg (335 lb) of printing material, that should last for really a few prints.

The Stratasys J750 is may already being showcased at this year’s Annual Manufacturing User Group conference in St. Louis, Missouri, that runs until April 7. The printing device is may already on the market for sale, and although Stratasys does not disclose its pricing, it is not most likely to be hobbyist-friendly – most likely running in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can take a nearer appear in the promotional video at a lower place.

Source: Stratasys

  • The J750 can print color gradients too
  • According to Stratatys, the J750 can print in full color, with great consistency
  • Color gradients can be printed too
  • The J750 3D printing device of Stratasys is about the size of an office photocopier

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