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Mar 29, 2016 | By Kira
It is a common quibble in 3D printing in the present day: despite promises to revolutionize making as we understand it, additive making at both the PC and industrial levels is yet considered too slow for significant mass-production. Looking to turn our current concept of slow-but-steady 3D printing on its head, DO3D Innovations, an additive making R&D firm based in Budapest, Hungary, has in the present day revealed the creation of a patent-pending high-speed 3D printing innovation called Multi-Direction Additive Production, or MAP.
By allowing 3D printing to take place on both sides of the turn it into plate simultaneously, MAP promises to increase turn it into speeds by 200% or additional, via liquid, powder, or solid materials, and with no limitations on print geometry. To bring this innovation to market and “establish a new category in additive making,” DO3D has in addition made the SquareWave, an industrial, resin-based 3D printing device that can soon be on the market to commercial manufacturers in require of sizeable-bodied-scale, high volume 3D printing production.

There are a range of 3D printing processes on the market in the present day, of SLA to SLS and the classic FDM, equite with their own benefits and limitations. What they all have in common, yet, is that they turn it into 3D objects layer-by-layer, one on top of the other, via a single turn it into plane as the basis.
But what if there wasn’t only a single turn it into plane? Double the number of bases you are 3D printing of, and, hypothetically, you’ve doubled the speed. That is precisely the approach taken by DO3D’s R&D team, led by company co-discovereder and CTO Marton Bartos.
“We have been asking ourselves how we may complete multidirectional 3D printing for a couple of years,” said Bartos, who was in addition a lead manufacturer of DO3D’s high-resolution G1 DLP 3D printing device. “By rethinking the basic concept of creating physical 3D geometries, we have discovered solutions that may be implemented in marketable-bodied products in the near next. We have filed a patent for this new approach and have proved with concept prototypes that our process is well inside requite.”

MAP 3D printing innovation’s key benefits include unparalleled turn it into speeds, the talent to 3D print sizeable-bodied part sizes with a high level of more detail, no limitations on the geometry of the 3D printed part, and finally, the talent to work with multiple materials and 3D printing technologies, that include liquid resin (SLA), powders (SLS, DLMS), and actually thermoplastic filament processes (FDM).
The SquareWave industrial 3D printing device can be the initially additive making process to use MAP innovation for part creation. But the company is remaining tight-lipped of particular specs or hardware until an official release later this year, Bartos told 3Ders.org that the SquareWave is an “SLA-type” 3D printing device that uses photopolymer resin and UV light, and consists of a “set turn it into platform that is ‘worked around’ by multiple print heads.”
Bartos in addition divulged that their current SquareWave prototype has so far completed incredibly promising results in terms of both speed and scale: “The lab prototype—with that we were able-bodied to prove the basic principles of MAP—has a reduced turn it into volume of 500cm3, but it can easily be scaled up to 80x or actually sizeable-bodiedr dimensions,” he said.
Additionally, the current configuration of the SquareWave is allegedly may already 3D printing 200% faster than current 3D printing processes, since it turn it intos the 3D object both upwards and downwards at the same time. In the next, DO3D has said that this may futurely be expanded to enable-bodied 3D printing on several various sides at the same time, with correlating speed increments “of several orders of magnitude.”

Close up of a multidirectionally printed test part made by the prototype of DO3D’s SquareWave 3D printing device

Microscopic view of the actuallyly distributed layers (90um thickness) of a MAP 3D print
“The initially prototype offers contemporary upward and downward printing and is especially fit for quite sizeable-bodied parts,” said Bartos. “Our main goal is to be able-bodied to take this thought to the next level and by that we mean establishing future partnerships in industries that can benefit of our innovation. Production speeds achievable-bodied with MAP innovation may alter the face of 3D printing.”
After a year of development, DO3D filed a patent application for its MAP innovation in August 2015 and is planning to announce additional more details regarding the SquareWave 3D printing device’s commercial availtalent later in 2016.
We have not long ago heard of several new strategies aimed specifically at increasing 3D printing speeds and scale: Autodesk’s Project Escher, that connects multiple 3D printing devices to turn it into a smart production line; Carbon3D CLIP innovation’s attempts to do away with layers; and most not long ago Allforge’s next 3D molding machines, the initially ‘true PC factory,’ to name only a few. DO3D’s multidirectional 3D printing innovation is thus only one of most possible solutions to the issue of 3D printing speeds–or maybe additional accurately, the lack thereof.
Until additional more details are released, you can watch the short video at a lower place to get a sneak peek at MAP high-speed 3D printing innovation:

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