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3D Printed RPG Scenery Surpasses Kickstarter Funding Goal in Less Than 10 Hours

by • February 6, 2016 • No Comments

dwarfboss-548x2773D printing has become talked of one of individuals of all walks of life, but one subculture in particular has taken to it quite well. Gamers have adopted 3D printing as a tool for assembling terrain, miniatures and entirely new games at a scale that wasn’t possible preceding. Older versioning techniques took a lot additional time and work, and while there’s unquestionably an appeal to the creative system of painstakingly handcrafting and painting your own miniatures, that system is in addition limiting. With 3D printing, gamers can turn it into vast landscapes and difficult pieces with minimal time and money – leaving much additional time for actual gaming.

It is not surprising that a few of the many successful Kickbeginer project have been dedicated to tabletop games. In October, a Kickbeginer campaign launched by Fat Dragon Games brought in a whopping $104,426 for the company’s new Dragonlock gaming terrain – the original goal had been to raise $500. It is too soon to be certain, but French gaming create company Via Ludibunda may donate Fat Dragon a run for their money with their may already running Kickbeginer campaign, that reached its funding goal of €500 ($543 USD) in less than ten hours. The Kickbeginer can be running until February 27, and at the time I’m writing this, $2,603 has been pledged (and at the time of editing, it’s up to $2,852) – it’s unquestionably feasible that they may get close to, if not surpass, Dragonlock.


Similar to Fat Dragon, Via Ludibunda has createed 3D printable terrain for tabletop RPGs. Where Dragonlock’s terrain was comprised of a sprawling castle that may be endlessly created upon and extended, Via Ludibunda’s scenery lets you create an entire village. Cottages, stables, towers, a castle, and a graveyard are only a few of the creates that the company has turn it intod, and equitething is sold in STL file format. No actual printed versions are on the market, but you don’t require your own 3D printing device, the company reminds you – only find a printing hub or FabLab. The rad thing is that all versions are open source and fully customizable. Each purchase comes with a fully more detailed and textured ready-to-print version along with a plain version that you can more detail by yourself, or diversify completely, if you like.

fortified city

Rewards for backers are certainly quite great, and you don’t have to break the bank to get a few rad stuff. For as little as €15 ($16), you can get the STL files to print three entire houses; €30 ($33) can get you the same plus STL files for three specialized assemblings, such as temples and forges. Pledge €60 ($65) and you can have an entire city. For the quite serious gamers, a pledge of €300 ($326) lets you create your own assembling with the assist of the Via Ludibunda create team. There are several add-on options for equite pledge level, too.

dc63e32e549af7c75798de1e93ec1af2_originalSince the funding goal has may already been exceeded, stretch goals are being unlocked – right now you can download a sample version for free, and it’s most likely that additional can be unlocked soon. Deliquite of rewards is expected in April. The team states on the campaign page that if this project is successful, they’ll begin on sci-fi themed scenery for a following campaign, so you’ve may already got that to appear forward to following.

You can tell with only a swift glance that these are high-quality creates – the textures are finely more detailed and realistic, and the construction is solid. Via Ludibunda is created up of pro createers and experienced gamers; they’ve in addition createed a few quite quite great miniatures that you can check out on their website. See a swift preview at a lower place. Are you considering of supporting this project? Tell us in the 3D Printed RPG Scenery forum over at 3DPB.com.