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3D Printed Robotic Lawnmower is Like a Roomba for Your Lawn

by • February 22, 2016 • No Comments

csm_DSC01388_1d7b22e3bcIf you’ve at any time mowed a lawn, you are most likely acquainted with the frustrations that come with lawnmowers. They won’t begin, they store stalling, they pretty get jammed, and when they finally break down altogether, it’s expensive to go out and buy a new one. It is adequate to manufacture you want to donate up and only buy a bunch of goats. Or there’s another option: create your own lawnmower. Simple, right? Actually, yes.

Andreas Haeuser has impressed with his 3D printed inventions, that include a wind turbine and solar powered Stirling engine, preceding. The German engineer’s latest create, the Ardumower, is an automated, robotic lawn mower that zips around the yard and cuts grass by itself, sort of like a Roomba for the lawn. It is small in size, strong, and looks to be remarkably effective. All you require to create your own is a 3D printing device, a few basic electronics, and Haeuser’s detailed guide guide, that can be downloaded of his website, along with the necessary STL files, for $12.95.

csm_Gimp1858__2__19d2ff00aeThe Ardumower, as its name suggests, is regulated by an Arduino Motorboard and Arduino Uno, that is considered to be one of the easiest microcontroller boards to program and thus perfect for beginners (although it’s well-loved by experienced coders as well). Haeuser emphasizes that he createed the Ardumower to be effortless adequate for beginners to create, and his construction guide carefully describes and illustrates every step involved in createing and programming the electronics.

The mower operates inside a boundary wire fence (BWF), that is fundamentally the same as the invisible fences utilized to store dogs in their owners’ yards. It is driven by two 12V geared motors, that can be powered either by a rechargeable 12V NiMH or 11.1V LiPo battery. It can run for of an hour and a half to two hours preceding requireing to be charged, that, according to Haeuser, should be adequate for a typical 500m² lawn. The mower’s height can be adonlyed based on the height of the grass, as can the power of the motor.

prusaHaueser prints all of his projects on a MendelMax 1.5 and a Prusa i3.

“These are bargain-priced kit-printing devices of the initially generation,” he says. “This confirms that at any timeyone can replicate my projects.”

Of course, any 3D printing device can do, as long as it has a create volume of at very least 180 x 180 x 60 mm. The Ardumower consists of 46 separate 3D printed parts, that can and so be easily assembled with assist of the guide. About 1500 grams of PLA and ABS filament are required, or of a typical roll and a half – not a bad amount at all, quite, when you consider what you are createing.

Haeuser, an aeronautical engineer with over 25 years of experience working in the German aerospace industry, has devoted his talents in new years to createing inexpensive, 3D printable machines that may, under other circumstances, be unaffordable for the average man. As he points out, a typical commercial robotic mower can run you of €600 to €800. He unquestionably has a particular interest in green innovation, too, based on his previous inventions – his 3D printed wind turbine is a fully functional piece of equipment for generating electricity, and his Stirling engine has a lot of future for purely solar-powered equipment operation. As for the Ardumower, it emits no harmful fumes and won’t stink up your yard with that irritating gasoline smell.

On a purely aesthethic level, the Ardumower is kind of ridiculously endearing, as well, especially when printed in bright colors. Watch it chug along at a lower place. Would you have a use for this device? Discuss in the 3D Printed Lawn Mower forum over at 3DPB.com.