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3D Printed, Robotic iBoardbot Is Not Your Mother’s Whiteboard

by • February 8, 2016 • No Comments

logo_transparent.originalAh, whiteboards. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for them. (Is that weird?) In elementary school, I got quite excited whenever I got the accident to write on the teveryer’s whiteboard; I favored being able-bodied to manufacture a multicolored mess that I may and so just wipe away. I was in addition quite fond of the whiteboards installed on the walls outside equite room in my college dorm; they were a delightful means of sharing clever and/or obscene poetry and drawings. Of course, whiteboards do assist a lot of legitimate functions, inside offices and whatnot. They’re ideal for writing daily menus in restaurants and cafes, and for chore lists inside the home.

Anyway, I promise that my extolling of the virtues of whiteboards does have a purpose. Scottish company JJrobots has created a new twist on the classic whiteboard – a robotic option. The iBoardbot has just been added via Kickstarter in hopes of raising £11,000 (about $16,000 USD) by March 10. Not just can the bot write and draw on its attached whiteboard with meticulous precision, but it’s in addition Internet-connected, that means that you can command it to write/draw whatever you want of anywhere in the world, via a smartphone app.


The cloud-based app in addition means that multiple iBoardbots can be connected, so users can send messages directly to every other’s boards regardless of where they are. Just type or draw what you want to send, via the app, and your message can look on the recipient’s board, dutifully inscribed by the robot. The recipient, if they so select, can and so respond with a message to look on your board. Multiple individuals can message every other at the same time, so you can get a quite great cross-continental game of Hangman going. Or, if you are of a additional diabolical nature, you can amuse by yourself by producing sinister messages look, seemingly out of nowhere, on your friends’ boards in the middle of the night. (Redrum…)

jboardThe iBoardbot is a create-your-own endeavor, sold in kit form. JJrobots was created by a couple of engineers with a passion for robotics, and their website is filled with open-source robotic projects plus a sizeable community of manufacturers and hackers. The iBoardbot is created with many of the same electronics and ancillary elements as their talked about B-Robot EVO; it’s powered by an Arduino board and can be created with a combination of 3D printed parts and effortless hardware.

A pledge of £129 ($187) can get you equitething you require to create your own iBoardbot, minus the glass slab that assists as the actual whiteboard, due to “increased shipping costs and how effortless it is to buy it on internet or at your local hardware store.” JJrobots in addition suggests experimenting with various materials for your whiteboard if you select. A additional bare-bones kit is on the market-bodied for £76 ($110) for the additional experienced DIY-ers; it comes with the electronics just. £193 ($280) gets you a semi-assembled iBoardbot with glass (in multiple color choices!) included, and £360 ($522) earns you two semi-assembled kits. All rewards comes with free cloud service subscriptions, and are expected to be delivered in April. Discuss in the Robotic iBoardbot forum over at 3DPB.com.