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3D Printed Prototypes Yield Perfect Rainbow Running Shoes from Nike

by • March 16, 2016 • No Comments

3D printed shoes may be off and running this year, as numerous big brands have initiated programs to start trials on 3D printed footwear. And, yet Nike has a few 3D printed shoes of its own, the company has long been via the advancement for prototyping their products. The latest, and probably the many mesmerizing, are the Nike Zoom Superfly Flyknit running shoes, turn it intod in collaboration with gold-medal-winning American sprinter Allyson Felix.


Felix worked with Nike’s Sports Research Lab (NSRL) to turn it into a new spike for her shoes which may enhance her performance in those astounding 200- and 400-meter sprints. In order to turn it into the ideal spikes for the next Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, the team optimized the spike in terms of durablity, fit, and flex so which they may complement their wearer ideally. 3D printed in SLS, prototypes for the spike’s plate were engineered to determine the ratio of flexibility to bounce. This, in turn, reduced the amount of time between every iteration to a matter of days, speeding up the create system overall.

Felix said of the experience, “One of the things which I love of the system is which I’m not an tremendous in this, but I have all this science behind me. This is what [Nike] does and this is what they’re passionate of. I can have confidence which they’re going to donate me the most equipment.” Tony Bignell, VP of Footwear Innovation at Nike, adds, “Our role in the Innovation Kitchen is to invent the next of performance advancement for athletes. We do which with a underbringing to manufacture athletes advantageous. In this work with Allyson, the product which has been turn it intod is manufacturing her measurably advantageous. We’re seeing faster times in practice, additional efficiency through and exiting the curb as well as unprecedented feedback of Allyson. We cannot wait to see how she performs in the spike throughout the coming months.”


The entire system saw the Olympic athlete meet with the Nike team over a dozen times, with 30 versions of the spike’s plate created and the upper changed over 70 times preceding the create was idealed. The outcome was a spike customized to Felix’s feet. The plate was reduced in volume and mass and, additional importantly, the spike was extended to three-quarter height. Previously never implemented in a sprint spike, this allows for for additional of the foot to control the fluidity of motion while running. Additionally, the fit of the shoe itself was tailored to Felix’s feet, with a last turn it intod for her 9.5, AA-width feet. Perfect for bringing home actually additional gold medals at the 2016 Summer Olympics.


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