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3D Printed Prototypes Helped the Hexo+ Drone Take Action Sports to New Heights

by • July 14, 2016 • No Comments

There was so much to see at CE Week NY, that it was complex to take it all in. From multi-functional alarm clocks to tortilla toasters, there was a plethora of home innovation on display at the convention. I not long ago wrote of Phazon, that allows for you to take your tunes with you while running, swimming or engaged in other fitness-related activities. And while Bullz-i’s amino can assist you take that post-workout selfie with ease, there was another product at the show that was specifically turn it intod to capture shots for action sports. I’m talking of the Hexo+, an autonomous drone that follows your each move to capture that ideal shot.


Hexo+ is billed as ‘your self-flying camera.’ This is not a drone turn it intod to kill. It is turn it intod to get hands-free aerial shots. Hexo+ is not like the racing quadcopters that thrilled attendees at CE Week, or a toy for RC enthusiasts. In fact, Hexo+ is not a quadcopter at all. It is a hexacopter and its 6 rotors assists propel it through complex conditions, so it won’t miss a thing. There’s no RC controller or complex app to learn. Simply set your camera movements with a few taps in the Hexo+ app and you are eager to go, the Hexo+ can do the rest automatically: takeoff, flight trajectory, landing and constant framing are all taken care of, so you can enjoy the moment, hands-free. And thanks to its built-in library of cinematic camera movements, Hexo+ empowers users of any ability level to turn it into compelling, professional-grade imagery via just the flight system and a GoPro camera.

This is not a micro drone and it’s not a humongous commercial drone, like the ones utilized to capture TV news. The Hexo+ is pretty sizeable, but light and small adequate that it can be strapped to your backpack. The propellers are removable, as are the feet and gimbal. It is a well engineered machine. I got to see the Hexo+ up close at the show and it was attractive to behold.

2016-06-22 19.01.18

Hexo+ at CE Week NY

Similar to many of the products we cover at 3DPrint.com, Hexo+ was launched through a Kickstarter campaign. Whilst Hexo+ sought $50K, they ended up raising over $1.3M. With a DIY kit priced at $299 and Early Bird eager-to-fly box starting at $499, it seemed like a excellent buy. Naturally, as with many crowdfunded tech products, there were delays getting the rewards to backers. But, all backer rewards have been shipped and it appears to be a excellent product, and 3D printing assisted it get to the final create.

Hexo+ 3D printed prototypes Hexo+ 3D printed prototypes36

There have been a few significant updates since the Hexo+ Kickstarter. Hexo+ debuted a few new showcases at CES, the Tracker and Magic Wand. Tracker empowers the unit to movie multiple subjects—and actually alter camera movements and shift its attention between subjects mid-flight. It in addition allows for the unit to follow and movie subjects while being regulated by a 2nd party via the Hexo+ app. Simple and intuitive, the device is attached to the subject one wishes to movie—be that an athlete or the family dog. Thanks to the Tracker, users can excellently expand Hexo+’s potential—and their own creativity. This is especially beneficial when movieing environments and activities that have historically posed challenges such as surfing, kayaking, and other watersports.

Magic Wand was turn it intod with an emphasis on ease of operation, users control this new showcase in the smartphone app by just tipping their hand. The Magic Wand gives users full control over the distance, angle, and altitude of that Hexo+ movies them. It in addition empowers users to additional adjust these elements while Hexo+ is in flight. Not just does this provide excellenter control over the creative system, it in addition allows for users to advantageous avoid obstacles when movieing in challenging terrain.

“We’re committed to empowering individuals, growing the tools they have on the market to turn it into exceptional aerial imagery,” says Antione Level, Hexo+ Co-Founder and CEO, “The Tracker and Magic Wand are our latest initiatives and we couldn’t be additional excited to get them in their hands.”

Key Hexo+ product showcases include:

No remote control needed—control Hexo+ with just your smartphone and the Hexo+ app, that is on the market for Apple iOS 9 and Android 4.4 and aboveCompatible with many GoPro camera modelsPredictive tracking algorithms assume your following moveOperating altitude of up to 16,000 feetMaximum speed of 45 mph6-propeller create for introduced stability and powerQuick and effortless battery swapLibrary of 12 pre-programmed camera movements, easily modified and fine-tuned.


Hexo+ can be purchased at their online keep for $999 and up, although they are already out of stock. Below is a video of the Hexo+: