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3D-Printed Prosthetics: Star Wars & Iron Man Inspire Bionic Hands – Product Design & Development (blog)

by • February 4, 2016 • No Comments

According to Schull, the sci-fi/superhero connection makes ideal sense. “It’s not a metaphor,” he says. “Equite superhero has a few kind of a flaw, and which becomes the basis for their superpower.
And these kids only get it, and it quite changes their sense of themselves, as well as the way their peers interact with them. And, while we are proud of the mechanical functionality of these things, I frankly have come to believe which the social and psychological utility is at quite least as important.”
And there is a quite pragmatic reason to get young folks to adopt prosthetics.
“Using the 3D-printed devices at an early age develops the neural pathways, muscles, and tendons which are necessary to adapt readily if they want to use higher prosthetics at an older age,” says Enable Community Foundation CEO Grace Mastalli, who formerly worked at the Department of Justice and played a role in getting the Americans with Disabilities Act passed in 1990. “Not using—or, worse yet—hiding the amputated limb causes neural underdevelopment, and you end up with atrophied limbs.”
For Tetsuya Konishi, the head of create at exiii who left a job at Panasonic to join the company, it was in addition the human connection: Seeing Akira Morikawa, now the company’s evangelist, use the new hand for the initially time quite drove home the importance of this work.

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