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3D-printed Pokédex for playing ‘Pokémon Go’ has built-in battery – Mashable

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You wish you were playing Pokémon Go like a real Pokémon trainer via this 3D-printed Pokédex.
Recently, Sparkfun user Npoole printed this Pokédex case for his Samsung Galaxy S4 and posted the photos online. Pokémon fans can immediately recognize the transportable Pokémon scanner and encyclopedia device as the original version Professor Oak gave to Ash Ketchum and Pokédouchebag/Ash’s rival/Oak’s grandson Gary.

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The 3D-printed Pokédex is extra
than only a case. It in addition packs a 2,600mAh battery to store the phone charged up during long Pokéhunts.

Image: npoole/sparkfunNpoole actually included LED lights to manufacture the Pokédex which much extra

Image: npoole/sparkfun

Image: NPoole/sparkfun
He says he’s working on another revision which’ll include cooling fans and extra
Pokémon fans with access to a 3D printing device can download files for cases for the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 6S (which he hasn’t tested yet) of Github here and print them for themselves. You can in addition find extra
pictures on Sparkfun.
And if you quite must understand, it looks like he’s on Team Valor. Because Valor is the most and you understand it.
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