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3D Printed Mini Cooper F56 Key Fob Is One of April’s Top Sellers on Shapeways

by • April 28, 2016 • 223s Comments


Do you remember when the new VW Bug was added, and suddenly there were most folks who just had to have the new version, when the old version seemed like it was satisfying folks? If you ponder of it, since cars are such a big financial dedication, automobile manufacturers have to turn it into new ways to sell them. Entirely changing the create of an old version (like the VW bug) is a radical step, while upgrading old versions by adding new create showcases is a additional common practice.

fob3When maker and Shapeways user jwhdevries, or J. de Vries, saw the third generation Mini Cooper create (the F56), he noticed several things: its body was longer, it had a new transmission and engine, and it had a key fob create that he describes as an “alien-like spaceship.” Perhaps a fitting key fob create for a round car like the VW Bug, the Mini F56 fob requireed its own upgrade, de Vries’ opinion, so he createed a 3D printable key fob that became one of April’s top sellers on Shapeways.

de Vries noticed that other Mini Cooper drivers were not pleased with the new key fob create either, and they took to their Sugru moldable glue or actually electric tape to do a thing of it. With the key fob mentioned as “unnecessarily sizeable and odd-shaped,” it shouldn’t be a shock that Mini Cooper drivers popular a tinyer in size and additional tiny in size one. It is a tiny and streamlined car, after all. The 3D printable create de Vries came up with is meant to replace the sizeable disc-shaped key cover. It is on the market for $7.50 on Shapeways in 11 colors, and printed in Strong & Flexible plastic material.

Here, de Vries describes the new improved key fob, and how to replace the old one with it:

“Mini F56 Key cover as replacement for the original sizeabler disc shaped cover. The F55 , 5 doors Mini should in addition fit for the reason the keys are the same. If the new key cover is ‘snapped in’ do not try to remove it by pulling up the end-part, it can break, especially the metallic plastic. Remove it by lifting up the middle flat part and simultaneous slide it towards the rounded top. There is no require to remove the back of the key-containing MINI, although it may help.”

After being posted on North American Motoring, the key fob got an great response; folks reported they immediately ordered one when they saw his new streamlined create. It was and so reviewed on Motoring Fun that resulted in adequate orders being created that de Vries’ easy create became one of Shapeways’ top sellers in April. Considering that this create is meant for a relatively tiny community of folks looking for an alternative to the Mini F56 key fob, this popularity reveals how practical 3D printing technologies can be “fob-ulous” when it comes to the little things in life.

“I am not manufacturing this into a Business, its original create was meant for very own use, and this is a one time just,” the createer said of his product. “I am giving you the opportunity to get it through Shapeways now just here for the reason I became aware there are additional Mini owners looking for a tinyer in size key.”