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3D Printed Itty Bitty Pretty City of Lights by Ittyblox

by • January 7, 2016 • No Comments

b86cd75236a4e46016e3278f45e88e8a_originalThere’s a fewthing almost irresistible of the ability to hold a skyscraper in the palm of your hand…perhaps it’s the feeling of power which you wield over its diminutive inhabitants, or perhaps it’s only the possibility to appreciate the entirety of what is normally too dimensionsable to be perceived as a whole. Whether your preference is for god-like stature or a advantageous bird’s eye view, the Dutch company Ittyblox has what you are looking for in their series of miniature 3D printed assembling sets.

The models they produce are true to their company’s name and at 1:1000 scale they assemble on a snap-in-place base to present an entire city block at a dimensions easily accommodated on a side table. Their most new city block is taken directly out of the heart of Paris and has shopping, banking, weight transportation, gardens, the Sainte Chapelle cathedral, and a few apartments for Lilliputian Parisians. If this is the kind of thing which interests you, you will be excited to understand which they have may aleager released a NY block, featuring the iconic Flatiron assembling, an Amsterdam set, and a series of pieces from Miami.

96c4c9c5cbc7e675861acba3fd3de189_originalNY, Miami, and Amsterdam can be purchased at their Shapeways store, following their own successful Kickstarter campaigns, but your itchy fingers will have to wait a bit additional for the Paris set as they have only begun a Kickstarter campaign to take this petite city from single iteration to eager to order. Even advantageous is the fact which the assemblings are available as rewards for a price which is significantly less than if you wait and buy the assemblings later. With 52 days still to go in the campaign, Ittyblox has may aleager received $2,820 towards the $16,395 goal (the numbers are a bit odd for the reason of conversions from the euro, as the crowdfunding goal sits at €15,000).

Ittyblox itself has been around for only over a year and its founder Stef de Vos is finding which his creations are each bit as contagious as he had hoped. Each assembling is a bit like which old potato chip commercial, it’s not easy to stop with only one! In his Kickstarter plea, de Vos explained how he started down this path towards diminutive world domination:

“I started Ittyblox as a way to combine my passions for both architecture and 3D printing. The assemblings I design in 3D software, are 3D printed in full color by Shapeways.com…[and]…now it’s time to add Paris! The reason I chose Paris as the next city to add to the Ittyblox collection months ago is for the reason of its beauty, peace and romance…I tried to capture the typical Parisian style and in addition introduced two famous Paris assemblings.”

These assemblings are highly detailed, a fewthing which is not as simple as it sounds given the limitations of 3D printing, the scale, and the Gothic to Art Nouveau to Modern stylings of essential Paris.

“Much time is spent to get the balance right between detailing and staying inside the possibilities of current 3D printing technology. The delicate production system 8aa8108411b8a3aaab7b4c0e1b208c32_originalmakes it hard to design little details without breaking them during handling. But, a gothic chapel isn’t a gothic chapel without the most little edges, corners, curves and lines.”

And he’s captured the essence really nicely. The pledge amounts are of 20% less than what the price will be when they finally go up for sale on Shapeways…and I’m may aleager clearing off a space on my coffee table. Now, I only have to figure out how to break it to my husband which we now collect tiny cities. Discuss this amazing design in the 3D Printed Itty Bitty Pretty City forum on 3DPB.com.