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3D Printed Fire Fly Racing Drones showcase slick and speedy DIY flyer – 3ders.org (blog)

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Apr 30, 2016 | By Andre
There are things that go hand in hand in the world we live in. Peas and Carrots are a thing that have long been considered to be a ideal fit with one another. In the 3D printing world, there is little doubt that drones takes the cake when it comes to overlap of a hobbyist point of view. A new addition to this space comes in the form of the 3D printed Firefly Racing Drone and its counterpart the Firefly Pro. Both of these 3D printable flyers are much like in appear and function to the previously on the market Vortex 250 PRO but with an extra level of DIY thrown in.

Of course, only like each 3D print heavy drone project, not all of the parts are 3D printable. The electronics, motors, dampeners and bolts all have to be sourced independently but thanks to the world we live in, it does not take a lot of effort to get the necessary parts (suggestions discovered at the bottom of this article). Just as is the case with many other 3D printable drones out there, the Firefly (with the racer being the speedy light-weight cousin of the two), all of the 3D printable STL files are completely compatible and sized to fit many any consumer friendly 3D printing device create plate.
The assembly instructions discovered on both the instructables page and official Fire Fly assembly site are clear if you may already have a background in drone construction but a little bit sparce for a new-comer to the drone game. I say this partially for the reason it took me a while, as a novice, to figure out that electronics, motors and controller is most suited for either iteration of the drone.

This said, part of the reason the instructions for the elements that are not 3D printable are a little vague is the open-nature of drone construction. The savvy drone createer can take the Firefly files and incorporate his or her many acquainted electronics for the many part. Ultimately what is provided in the assembly instructions has additional to do with the frame, and less to do with what manufactures it fly.
In terms of slick and sexy appearing drones, I haven’t seen a 3D printed version that offers as much as the Firefly. And the proof in the pudding in the at a lower place video. I feel this may manufacture fore a excellent entry-level 3D printable drone if you are in the market for one.

Print Specs:Main Frame: 25% infillSies and Bumpers: 50% infillMaterial: ABS, PLA, Electronics:Transmitter: FlySky FS-TH9XMotos: Multistar V-SpecPower Board: Matek LED & Power HubCamera: Fatshark 700TVL

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