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3D Printed Fashion, Can It Save the Planet? Sabina Saga’s Vision

by • April 21, 2016 • No Comments

Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills each year.

If you have trouble wrapping your head around just how most
articles of clothing that
in fact
is – consider that
if each article of clothing is an ounce, and so that
means there are 326,400,000,000 articles of clothing sitting in a landfill of 2015 alone. Sabina Saga, a Kazakhstan-born developer, has a solution for this and she believes it relies on 3D printing.

Sabina Saga’s 3D Printed Dress
Sabina Saga’s 3D Printed Dress

Sabina Saga moved to NYC in 2007, setting out to become a style developer. As she began her undergraduate studies at FIT, she launched her journey into the realm of 3D printed style. Little did she understand
her time at FIT was setting the groundwork for a new vision of the following: what if 3D printed style is the path to a healthier planet, or actually, a healthier man?

“In the modern world of style, the consumer is aware of current trends and styles,” Sabina says. “They want a thing fresh each week to store up with trends. I am appearing forward to the near following where it may be possible to throw an old 3D printed garment back into the printing device and print a new appear in a new color and shape as often as desirable, one layer at a time, via just the necessary amount of material required for each part with near zero waste in an energy efficient process.”

SabinaSaga.AW16.LondonFashionWeekSabina Saga’s AW16 Bridal Collection

Just imagine that
— a following where you can iterate your style choices based not just on how you by yourself
evolve, but the vision does not stop there. Sabina in addition
believes your choices can evolve in relation to your environment.

“3D printed style stands a accident of becoming essential in order to preserve
us of polluted external sources,” she says.

Fundamentally, style is of expressing by yourself
and communicating your individuality to the external world; but the external world has its dangers. Whether it’s polluted air, UV radiation, viruses and allergies, there are unavoidable forces in the modern world that
effect and effects us. Perhaps, via the right innovation, we can supplement our style choices by creating garments that
not just express who we are, but preserve
who we are.

In order to actualize this following, Sabina has taken her work to UAL-Chelsea College of Arts in London, where she’s started her masters degree studying TED’s TEN, a program that assists developers in researching textiles and smart materials that
have a reduced impact on the environment.

The following through the eyes of Sabina Saga is a following worth appearing forward to; and it is the minds of artists like hers that
can hustle the limitations of 3D innovation in a way that
can be beneficial to us all. We’re truly excited to see what she comes up with following.

CaX20PDWQAQDyvESabina Saga at London Fashion Week 2016

Since her senior thesis show at FIT, Sabina has exhibited her style items all over the world, which include Inside 3D Printing New York, The Creative Arts Event in London, and 3D Printing conferences in Dusseldorf. Her following show can be at TechnologyHUB between June 7-9 in Milan, Italy.


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