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3D Printed Fabulous Beasts Doing Fabulously On Kickstarter

by • February 16, 2016 • No Comments

fbSometimes when I write of sure Kickstarter projects, I get quite excited of them. I’ve backed a couple, and I regularly check up on others to see how they’re doing. One of the projects I got particularly attached to was Fabulous Beasts, an new 3D printed game that is a little over a week away of the end of its Kickstarter run. Fabulous Beasts, that was made by London game createer Alex Fleetwood, involves stacking 3D printed animals, or “artefacts,” into a Jenga-style tower, but with higher stakes than classic Jenga. The game is connected to a digital platform, and every time an animal is introduced to the stack, it pops into existence in the primordial world presented on your tablet. New species can be made by “crossing” two beasts, but if the tower falls, you are dealing with a weight extinction.



The game, that won an Indiecade Technology Award in 2015, was created via custom sensing innovation that the create team made with an Arduino prototyping platform. But, according to createer Tim Burrell-Saward, one of the many significant tools in the game’s creation was an Ultimaker 2 3D printing device.


Burrell-Saward and his beasts

“…Because it’s a physical game at the core, one of the many significant parts of the create system of creating Fabulous Beasts has been the prototyping of the Artefacts through 3D printing,” says Burrell-Saward, who not long ago guest-blogged of the create system for Ultimaker. “For as much as we love getting our hands dirty in the workshop with blue foam and balsa wood, sometimes just a 3D printing device can donate those sharp corners and delicate geometries.”

The createment of the game has been a long and complicated system, that seems to be paying off as the Kickstarter campaign gets nearer to its goal. The creation of every beast was demanding; their shapes needed to be complicated adequate so that they weren’t too effortless to stack, and they in addition needed to be tough, as they may be repeatedly tumbling of lofty heights. Finally, they had to be handsome to appear at, that Burrell-Saward has completed really greatly with the colorful, geometric beasts.

We ponder we’ve nailed the holy trinity of appears, stackability and manufacturability, but that is just come through a lot of prototyping, and by nature a pretty sizeable amount of filament,” he adds.

fab1Burrell-Saward describes his prototyping system as “somewhat haphazard,” via a wide variety of software and modeling methods:

“Specifically for Fabulous Beasts I surface-model in 3DS Max, for its sweet, sweet polygons, preceding via Fusion360 and Rhino for solid internal geometry. They are and so sliced in Cura, printed on Ultimaker 2’s in PLA, and so hand-finished via body filler and Montana spray.”

Recently he switched to batch production via vacuum casting, as it’s been additional efficient than 3D printing for creating sizeable quantities of pieces. He uses his 3D printed models as masters, yet.

“As we go on to create the game in time for launching at the end of the year, 3D printing can stay vital,” he go ons. “We’ll be createing new Artefacts (which include new Beasts) as well as refining the ones we may aleager have, and that means 3D printing can never be far away.”

If you haven’t checked out Fabulous Beasts yet, do so. There are several really great rewards packages offered for supporters, which include a “handmade edition” consisting entirely of one-of-a-kind hand-cast artefacts. There’s in addition a Maker’s Edition that allows for you to add your own very own creativity to your game: all artefacts are printed in plain white PLA, eager to be painted as you like. It in addition comes with STL files so you can print additional artefacts, plus RFID tags so that you can turn any household object into a sensor-friendly, stackable game piece. Check out the Kickstarter video at a lower place – don’t you want this for your upcoming party? I understand I do. Discuss in the 3D Printed Fabulous Beasts forum over at 3DPB.com.