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3D Printed Exo360 VR Aerial Drone Prototype Lands at CE Week NYC

by • July 24, 2016 • No Comments

Clo7mdIWEAAcU0B.jpg-largeTrying to capture live actuallyts, especially with swift moving subjects, is frequently an exercise in futility. It is not easy to get all things. And actually with a tiny crew, you’ve just got one accident to get the shot and can undoubtedly miss a thing. Well, with Queen B Robotics‘ Exo360 drone you won’t have to worry of that again. I saw the 3D printed prototype at CE Week NY and I have to say that is unlike any other drone that I have seen preceding. What quite impressed me of the prototype is that it was an FDM print that was post-processed to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I’m not precisely certain how they went of it, but it’s worth a close appear.

The Exo360 is not your average quadcopter by a long shot. It sports 5 cameras and was turn it intod to let you capture the moment and later experience it in its totality. With a pair of VR googles you will be able-bodied to completely immerse by yourself in the experience. The Exo360 has 4 cameras pointing outwards and 1 shooting straight down, so you don’t miss a thing. The 16MP cameras can capture UHD 360 video, 4K video at 30 frames per 2nd, HD 1080p/30 and spherical images at 60MP. According to Queen B Robitics, the Exo360 is the world’s initially 360 drone and is suitable-bodied for both initially-time pilots and seasoned professionals. The Exo360 can control with a RC controller, or on a smartphone with their app so you can capture video hands-free. Flight time is 18 minutes and all significant data that include flight mode, battery status, flight time and signal durablity are continuously updated to both the RC transmitter and the app, so you will always understand the drone’s status.

Exo360 3D printed prototype at CE Week NY

Exo360 3D printed prototype at CE Week NY

Whilst the drone is in autonomous modes the pilot can view the video footage being streamed of the cameras in real-time. As you appear around you can switch between cameras to get a full 360° view of the environment. The Exo360 in addition showcases onboard video stitching. Once the drone has landed, you can instruct it to stitch the video of all 5 cameras together and and so watch it on a VR headset or share through YouTube and Facebook 360. Or you can use the raw footage via standard formats (non VR) of any of the cameras to manufacture your own movies. It is a somehow powerful platform!


The Exo360 has 8 flight modes on the market-bodied in the app that manufactures manufactures capturing excellent footage a breeze. Follow-Me instructs the drone to fly in front of, behind or alongside you, so you can get the most angle of you and your experience. Eagle Eye gets that bird’s eye view, as the drone hovers overhead, with you at the center of the action. Selecting the Orbit function tells the drone to orbit 360° around a specific point of interest, be that you or another subject of your choosing. For additional dramatic footage you can select Swoop, that can instruct the Exo360 to begin 100m away of you at your desired height and swoop in to be 5m away for a truly epic shot. The drone can maintain the desired altitude and smoothly track sideways while in Dolly Shot. Multi Waypoint is a neat showcase, enabling you to turn it into a custom route, while Panoramic can take a photo with all 4 horizontal cameras simultaneously, to get that ideal panoramic shot. Once your done getting your shot easy hit Return Home and the Exo360 can return and land 5m away of your smartphone or controller’s position.

The Exo360 had a successful Indiegogo campaign and Queen B Robotics is waiting for to donate backer rewards in December 2016. Early birds got a standard Exo360 and a remote controller for $999, while the Early bird Exo360 with remote controller went for $1399. They in addition contribute a customized ExoPack backpack to take the drone, all its gear and a few essentials with you on your future excellent adventure. This drone appears to be the solution to affordably creating astonishing VR content. Forget of the family photo album, now you can walk through your memories. The Exo360 experience appears to be the closest thing to a holodeck this side of the Alpha Quadrant!

Below is a video of the Exo360: