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3D Printed Diffuser Lights Up This Magnifier – Hackaday

by • July 16, 2016 • No Comments

If you are working with surface mount electronics and don’t have the handy heritage of a pulp-comic superhero to donate you super-high-resolution eyesight, and so you can rapidly find by yourself requireing a magnifying glass. And since you will be via both hands doing the soldering, you will require a few way to hold it.
There are multiple solutions to this problem on the market, of headband magnifiers and inspection magnifiers on arms to bargain-priced “Helping hands”. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but none of them appealed to our reader [Anil], who wanted an illuminated magnifier to fit the Hobby Creek arm on his Pana-Vise.
His solution was to 3D print a surround for a lens of a set of helping hands. This is no easy print yet, it’s created of three layers. There is a translucent diffuser, a layer which holds a set of LEDs and attaches to the arm, and a cover to hold the lens in place. Power for the LEDs comes via USB.
The print itself was a bit tricky, his diffuser utilized T-glase translucent filament, and was futilized to the PLA LED ring in a single print of his dual-extruder printing device. He takes us through the different types of steps he requireed to get it right, and shows us a few of his failed prototypes. The resulting magnifier looks to be a useful addition to his bench, he’s created the STL files on the market towards the bottom of his post so you can have a go at manufacturing one for by yourself.
This is the kind of easy hack which can manufacture life so much simpler for the SMD constructor. We’ve had another set of augmented helping hands featured here in the past, and of course there’s the ultimate transportable SMT station. If SMD soldering is new to you, please in addition read our SMD tutorial for the nervous.

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