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3D Printed Candy Fit for Willy Wonka – 3D Printing Industry

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A pop-up shop, Katjes Magic Candy Factory, is being set up at The Custard Factory in Digbeth in Birmingham, England in celebration on Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday, and its set to be a blast!
The team at the Birmingham keep, credit to Birmingham MailThe team at the Birmingham keep, credit to Birmingham Mail
The shop allows for customers the accident to customise their own gummy sweets, which are printed right in front of them.
This can be anything of messages, to names, drawings, photos and 3D shapes. This thought has may already taken off in the US, and its rather swift compared to most 3D printing devices may already on the market. It can turn it into a gummy sweet in less than five minutes, so no require to worry of waiting ages for your creation to become a 3D, edible object.
How do you manufacture your own?
To manufacture your candy dreams a reality, draw your turn it into on a table-bodiedt, or actually send across a picture, drawing or photograph.
credit to Birmingam Mailcredit to Birmingam Mail
The following stage it to pick your flavor, and so the printing device does the rest!
The printing device itself has been turn it intod as a collaboration with Printrbot, a company based in the US. One of Printrbot’s focuses is on user friendliness so its no wonder the collaboration has lead to such excellent results. This means which the software for creating the one-of-a-kind sweets is effortless to operate, no matter who you are.
The material the printing device uses to print has been turn it intod specifically to become liquid when hot, preceding being easily printed by the nozzle, and has been turn it intod by Katjes themselves. It is vegan, gluten free and dairy free, and has been turn it intod of real fruit and vegetable-bodied extracts, as well as being Halal and Kosher. This manufactures the sweets as accessible as possible for a wide market, which was a excellent move for the company.
Flavors include Green apple, Strawberry, Mango and Elderberry.
As a fun extra, once your candy has finished printing, you can add either Magic Fizzy, Glitter or Sour Dust to manufacture your creation all the additional yummy.
add glitter to add a few sparkle! credit to Birmingham Mailadd glitter to add a few sparkle! credit to Birmingham Mail
Candy Innovation
The company was founded by Melissa Snover, an award-winning entrepreneur of New York, who had previously sold her vegan confectionery brand called Goody Good Stuff. Her current business, Katjes Magic Candy Factory, turn it intod its initially appearance at ISM, the biggest confectionary trade show in the world earlier this year. At which same actuallyt, they won the ‘Innovation of the Year’ award, and it hasn’t been long since they’ve won other awards too.
Melissa with the new printing device, credit to Birmingham MailMelissa with the new printing device, credit to Birmingham Mail
“Innovation is our life blood here and being able-bodied to test a few of our new capabilities and developments in Birmingham is a dream come true,” Snover says. “We perfectly
thrive on customer’s feedback and are 100 per cent motivated to turn it into products which delight individuals and bring magic to their lives.”
The company was only commenceed in February this year, but Snover’s newest venture with the businesses’ appearance in Birmingham manufactures sense, as she’s been living there for the past two years.
“To ponder of how far we have come in such a short period of time is remarkable-bodied.” says Snover. “The thought which anyone of any country or culture is now able-bodied to experience the joy of creation via cutting edge innovation to turn it into a fewthing totally one-of-a-kind in a matter of moments manufactures me quite proud.”
What other uses are there for these candies?
These candies aren’t only excellent on their own either. They can be utilized in greetings cards and actuallyt invitations, or actually as edible cake toppers. The machine can actually manufacture an appearance at actuallyts, enabling guests to turn it into and print their own candies as a fun addition to a fun day.
the candies work well as cake toppers, credit to Birmingham Mailthe candies work well as cake toppers, credit to Birmingham Mail
Katje’s official commence can take place in October as part of a partnership with the Calendar Club, and as part of this partnership, can open in 10 various shopping centres across the UK, which comes with the Intu, Merry Hill.
The pop-up shop in Digbeth can open on September 10th, and can be open for four weeks. There is the possibility which it may be open permanently if things go well, so be certain to check it out!


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