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3D Printed Bras from Trusst Lingerie Provide a New Level of Support for Full-Figured Women

by • February 18, 2016 • No Comments

trusstI’ve seen a few “Things that Men Will Never Understand” lists floating around the Internet lately. Always great for a few minutes of amusement, a lot of them hit the nail right on the head – there are a lot of inconveniences one-of-a-kind to women, thanks to physiology. Many of those inconveniences are bra-related. You’d ponder that by now we may have come up with a way to manufacture bras that fit properly and function the way they’re supposed to, but only of any woman can tell you stories of epic, often-fruitless quests to find a effortless, well-fitting brassiere. (I not long ago stumbled upon a Buzzfeed article in that the author documented her take on to discern her bra dimensions; she was professionally fitted at six various stores and given various dimensionss at all of them.)


Far of being a trivial problem, a bra that does not fit properly can cause all sorts of issues, of headaches to back problems – particularly for women with larger breasts. Unofficial studies have suggested that women’s breasts, on average, are getting larger (save it, guys), due to obesity, environmental contaminants, or other facts. None of it has been proven, but the fact that manufacturers all manufacture bras a little bit variously, and that corporations can arbitrarily decide on what their dimensionss can be, means that a great 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra dimensions – and paying the price with a lot of discomfort.

trusst3Industrial createers Laura West and Sophia Berman wanted to address these issues when they made Trusst Lingerie, a company that is revamping bra create. One of the main problems, according to West and Berman, is the underwire that forms the shape of many bras. With underwire bras, the mass of the breasts is manyly assisted by the shoulder straps, that tend to dig into the neck, back and shoulders as they’re asked to hold additional mass. Even smaller-breasted women run into trouble with underwires that easily bend out of shape or in fact stab through fabric.

It is in fact a remarkably ineffective create, but it’s been the standard for years. Trusst, yet, is doing away with the underwire and replacing it with a 3D printed plastic insert that – gasp! – in fact assists the breasts of at a lower place. Additional side assist provides extra comfort and containment. West and Berman are secretive of the details of the create, but they utilized SOLIDWORKS software to create and virtually test the inserts, that they and so began printing on a MakerBot 3D printing device.


West and Berman at SOLIDWORKS 2016

A 2015 Kickstarter campaign raised $78,889, surpassing its $25,000 goal inside five days. The company has since grown to six women, who are continuing to work on improving the bra create, working with various types of straps and fabric to increase comfort. Today Trusst offers three various bra styles, and they are thinking probably adding a sports bra create in the next. The company is in addition, right now at very least, focutilized on larger-breasted women, with their dimensionss starting in the DD range and going up to G. (There’s an effortless sizing chart, too.)trusst print

West and Berman not long ago presented at SOLIDWORKS World 2016, and began their presentation with a video they made for the Kickstarter, in that men try on bras filled with melons that accurately simulate the mass that larger-busted women carry around each day. As you can see at a lower place, the men walked away with new sympathy for such women, and with an appreciation for what entrepreneurs West and Berman are attempting to do. What do you ponder of this new innovation for women? Discuss in the 3D Printed Bra Support forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Images: Trusst via Facebook]