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3D print your own working Furious Power Fist from Fallout 4 – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jan 25, 2016 | By Kira
London-based gamer, createer, and 3D printed prop-making legend Simone Fontana is back with yet another excellent 3D printed video game weapon replica that you can easily manufacture at home thanks to his free 3D files and instructions. As a treat for Fallout 4 fans and cosplayers, Fontana has created and 3D printed a working Furious Power Fist that packs a few serious punch.

The Furious Power Fist is a one-of-a-kind, powerful weapon of the talked of action role-playing game, Fallout 4. A sort of hydraulic-robotic add-on, the Fist offers either a straight punch or a heavy underhanded thrust, with a driven piston that excellently increases the injure capability of unarmed attacks. What manufactures the Furious Power Fist actually additional desirable inside the Fallout 4 universe is that the only way to possess it is to defeat Swan, a hammer-wielding, super mutant behemoth that manufactures for a certainly monstrous opponent. Whether you’ve managed to squash this psychopathic villain inside the game yet or not, you can yet own a working Furious Power Fist thanks to 3D printing innovation.
Fontana began by createing a 3D edition of the Fist in Rhino 3D, with a bit of assist of Ricardo Salomao who took care of a part that needed additional exact detailing in ZBrush. Looking for a bit of a challenge, Fontana actually went ahead and created spring-loaded pistons that allow the front part of the robotic arm to move realistically, only as they do in the game.

Screenshot of Fontana’s 3D create livestreaming
The entire 3D createing system was streamed live on MyMiniFactory TV, and captured in an excellent time-lapse video, that you can watch at the bottom of this article. The following step after 3D createing was to get to 3D printing. After of 55 hours and via 550 grams of filament, every individual component was eager for assembly.

In order to reduce the post-systeming time as much as possible, Fontana 3D printed the parts in either gray or yellow, keeping them as close to the actual video-game edition as possible without having to go over and paint them afterward. Whilst this means the final edition is not totally accurate, it’s certainly darn close—and moreover, fit and functionality are additional significant in this case. Cosplayers looking for a additional authentic Fist may always paint the final 3D printed parts as desired.
The 2nd half of Fontana’s time-lapse video shows him building the 3D printed components, via either glue, screws, or by just snapping the pieces together. The final, 3D printed Furious Power Fist is lightweight, functional, and can be adonlyed to fit a wide range of arm sizes.

As with Fontana’s previous 3D printed video game replicas, which include this 1.3-meter-long, 3D printed light-up Fiora Sword of League of Legends we wrote of last year, the free 3D files for this Fallout 4 Power Fist weapon are on the market on MyMiniFactory. Fontana has uploaded the 3D edition with an MMF copyright, meaning it is completely free to download and manufacture, but cannot be sold or uploaded through other websites without his permission.
We’ve in addition seen a few other excellent 3D printed Fallout 4 projects not long ago, which include a 3D printed Codsworth action figure, and a T45-D Power Armor Helmet, yet in terms of functional create, wearability, and one-of-a-kindness, Fontana’s take on the Furious Power Fist is a definite keeper.

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