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3D print your own Pokemon Go Pokedex phone battery case

by • July 19, 2016 • No Comments

While Pokemon Go is delivering
out the inner trainer in us all, it’s safe to say it’s missing something – something at an immersion level. When it comes to embracing your inner master, cosplaying as Red can only take you so far – what you quite
is a real Pokedex to meacertain
and evaluate your next excellent
catch. Fortunately, if you have a 3D printer, you can create the ideal
accessory for your Pokemon adventures.


A user by the name of “NPoole” on the popular custom electronics tinkering site SparkFun put together 3D-printer plans to create a case for your mobile device which
replicates the look and feel of the in-game Pokemon encyclopedia: the Pokedex. After some light soldering and electronics work to hook up a common 2600 mAh battery to the guts of the build, your device becomes a real-life Pokemon machine, simultaneously keeping your phone charged while using the notoriously battery-draining app. Keep in mind this creation doesn’t exactly have the Nintendo Seal of Approval, so jump in and tinker at your own risk.

If you are
to take the plunge into Pokemon stardom, download the printing files for your 3D printer from Github. “NPoole” originally designed the build to fit a Samsung Galaxy S4, but there are iPhone 6S plans available as well. For fans with other devices, you might have to sit tight for your chance to take your Pokemon Go experience to the next level.

With your new gadget in hand, the next Pokestop you visit will echo with the tales of “which
one kid with the real Pokedex.” Be certain
to read our Pokemon Go Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to wow them even more with your Pokemon prowess.

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