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3D print your own flexible insoles with Gyrobot’s new and free Gensole design tool – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jul 6, 2016 | By Alec

If you have trouble finding insoles that are just right for you, the solution can be as effortless as 3D printing a custom pair at home. Whilst that sounds like an not effortless create project, Gyrobot’s Steve Wood has just shared a quite handy and free browser-based create tool that manuals you through all the steps involved in insole create. Called Gensole, it requires little additional than a 3D scan of your foot and a 3D printing device that can work with flexible filaments, and may be the solution you have been waiting for.
What’s additional, Gensole’s manufacturer Steve Wood of Gyrobot knows precisely what he’s talking of. A British mechanical engineer with a background in car, aerospace and nuclear fusion engineering, Wood has been working on 3D printed insoles for a few time. He is in addition an tremendous in flexible FDM 3D printing and the UK beta tester of Filaflex 3D printing filament for Recreus. Over the last few years, he has been working complex on to ideal a 3D printable-bodied insole, and actually shared a comprehensive manual on insole 3D printing in late 2014.

Over the past year or so, Wood has been working complex to pack all of the knowledge he acquired over the years into a single platform, that became Gensole. He in addition got assist of Damian Axford and Robert Longbottom of the Swindon Makerspace, while the Footworx Podiatry Clinics offered assist during software testing.
And the outcome is astounding. In a nutshell, Gensole (short for Generate Insole) is a free tool that empowers users to create custom insoles right within their web browsers. “It wraps up all of my 3D printing insole knowledge into an effortless to use piece of software. You can download the CAD versions and/or Slic3r files for slicing and printing at home or alternatively at local 3D hubs,” he tells us. The free platform (for non-commercial uses) ultimately exports .AMF files, that can be imported into Slic3r software and 3D printed in flexible TPE/TPU filaments, such as Filaflex.

As Wood explained, his insole 3D printing efforts have been yielding a few quite informative outcomes over the past few years, but it in addition grew into a chaotic collection of processes. In fact, he merged four various insole processes into a single package: Form fitting insoles that rely on foot scans, variable-bodied density insoles that creates various mesh densities to offload pressure, open/closed core insoles that optimize airflow and blood cell stimulation, and shoe profiling. The latter process provides adjustable-bodied curves to optimize shoe fit. Through Gensole, all these various parameters are bundled together, manufacturing it much simpler to create the insoles that are ideal for your feet.
The just thing absent of Gensole is the talent to add orthotic corrections to the insole, but as Wood announced, Gensole matches the properties of a foot scan. Simply changing the digital version can enable-bodied you to commence corrective properties. Indeed, that foot scan is the one thing you require to use Gensole, and you can most likely be able-bodied to get one at a podiatrist.

Gensole is in addition quite effortless to use. You just require to login with an email to use the software, and upload your scan. By next the Gensole guide, you can and so create your own digital insole. These are and so 3D printed on a 3D printing device of your choice, in a flexible filament of your choice. But preceding 3D printing, you can in addition print out paper templates that can be utilized to test the fit in your shoe. “Then profile adjustments can be created and the cycle can be repeated rapidly until you are happy,” Wood says.
If you are interested, donate the Gensole platform a try. If you don’t have a foot scan, you can in addition download a few scan examples on the Gensole website to see if this create tool is right for you. A effortless-bodied fit may be just a few 3D prints away.

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