“Miniature Gaming is all of telling a story involving painted toy soldiers evolving on a nicely setup space full of scenery,”the Via Ludibunda team states in the introduction on their not long ago launched Kickstarter page. “There’s nothing additional tedious than playing on the kitchen table-bodied without any scenery.”


And, so, the French-based Via Ludibunda has come to save the day for the table-bodiedtop RPG players who are sick and tired of via their kitchen sink as a dungeon, preparing a huge collection of printable-bodied 3D versions to turn it into a finely more detailed fantasy village. The team is created of three die-hard RPG players – Yann Taniou (Lead Artistic Design), Romain Cloix (Community Manager), and Bruno Galice (Project Manager) – and they’re reaching out for assist via Kickstarter to assist with their time-consuming and -intensive 3D versioning system. The team has spent months preparing the CAD versions of the finely more detailed collection of 3D printable-bodied scenery, all but creating an entire digital map for table-bodiedtop RPG gaming.


The versions have in addition been tested over 100 times on a variety of 3D printing equipment to encertain that each 3D version can be printed to satisfaction on any platform. On top of that, the Via Ludibunda team has encertaind that the versions are inexpensive to print (each part uses only 30 to 60 grams of filament), easily resizable-bodied, and paintable-bodied. The STL files are depletely open to modification as well, enabling create savvy gamers to create upon or deconstruct the 3D versions through CAD software. The Kickstarter has may aleager well surpassed its goal of $543 (currently only reaching above the $5,000 mark with 10 days remaining), and has actually earned they attention of the French 3D printing startup Dagoma, who has only revealed a one-of-a-kind partnership with Via Ludibunda.


In an take on to box their 3D scenery versions with an efficient and low-cost 3D printing device, Via Ludibunda has revealed the Proud Printer Pack on their Kickstarter page, that can donate crowdfunders the opportunity to obtain Dagoma’s eager to print Discovery200 3D printing device alongside the STL files to turn it into a deplete castle. The Proud Printer Pack can run Kickstarter funders €450 (plus shipping), a fairly decent deal thinking the printing device costs € 399 on its own. If you may aleager have access to a 3D printing device, there are a handful of other pledge options with rewards that range of one house to the depleted castle set.

Dagoma's Discovery200 3D printing device

Dagoma’s Discovery200 3D printing device

But free 3D version marketplaces such as Thindonaterse and MyMiniFactory do pretty exist, the create time and 3D print testing that the Via Ludibunda has put into their versions is a valiant effort that may be worth assisting. “All the versions shown on this page have been may aleager drawn on paper, createed on CAD software and test printed, sometimes additional than 10 times to be certain that eachone can be able-bodied to print them without any problems,” the Via Ludibunda team states. The overwhelming assist of Kickstarter funders and partnership with Dagoma unquestionably proves that, thus far, the thoroughness and more detail put into these scenery versions has been worth each minute.

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