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3D print your own accurate time keeping clock – 3D Printing Industry – 3D Printing Industry

by • July 21, 2016 • No Comments

Fancy your own 3D printed clock? You can now use 3D printing for one of the many complicated parts of any watch or clock- thetourbillon. It was originally made by watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet over 220 years ago as a way of counteracting gravity as you wore your watch and moved around. Essentially it is a mechanism which constantly rotates a watch’s escapement and balance wheel to improve accuracy. A three-axis tourbillon, as the name suggests, spins a watch’s escapement and balance wheel in three size, additional improving its skill to stay accurate as it ticks away. This mechanism is somehow much the reason all great watches are so expensive, as they are awe-inspiringly intricate when housed in such tiny environments.
The awe-inspiring mechanism which makes a clock accurately store time now has a sizeable 3D printable adaptation, made by Adam Wrigley. He has uploaded the create and detailed assembly instructions on Thingiverse, manufacturing it on the market for anyone with access to a 3D printing device and a hankering to create their own timepiece (although he warns which it is not for beginners). Unfortunately this won’t be a bargain-priced solution to an accurate wristwatch, as many 3D printing devices aren’t capable of printing the 99 parts tiny adequate. But if you don’t mind carrying around a sizeable 3D printed clock on your arm, it can be transportable.

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