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3D Print Video Games in Action With RenderFab From Whispering Gibbon

by • March 3, 2016 • No Comments

one2A talked of use of 3D printing – and one that we’ve seen a lot of – is the printing of video game characters. Gamers have always favored having figurines of their favourite games, but they utilized to have to shell out money at their local toy keep or game reseller for relatively generic collectibles. With 3D printing, game figures can be generated less expensively and with introduced creative touches or very ownization.

It may seem to naturally follow, therefore, that a innovation may create that may allow gamers to 3D print scenes or characters of their favourite games directly of the screen, mid-play. That’s of as very ownized as you can get, and there are a few companies that have been createing ways to freeze and print game action. One of the many informative of these, and one that we’ve been next closely, is Whispering Gibbon, a British startup that has rapidly become a leader in 3D content generation.

In January, the company was the recipient of a significant, six-figure investment of venture capital firm Northstar Ventures, and we predicted that the increased funding may significantly additional their forward momentum. So far, it looks to be doing just that. Whispering Gibbon is gaining a lot of attention for their new RenderFab innovation, that allows for users to convert objects optimized for visual, onscreen display to versions optimized for 3D printing.

[Image: TCT Magazine]

[Image: TCT Magazine]

Because today’s video games are tending towards additional and additional sophisticated 3D graphics, you’d ponder it may be relatively effortless to convert an on-screen image into a 3D printable version. Not precisely, says Joe Stevens, founder and CEO of Whispering Gibbon.

“You’re looking at a game character, say, that purports to be 3D but with a virtual image much of the information of what in fact makes up that 3D structure is missing – the game just needs adequate data to create an image on the screen,” Stevens explained to Forbes.com.

RenderFab fulls in that missing data, enabling users to grab 3D content of their screens and easily convert it to printable versions. Whispering Gibbon began working on the innovation last year, and it’s may already garnered a lot of interest of companies outside the gaming industry – like architectural firms, for example.

MinecraftBig-1024x858“The starting point was to create a piece of software that may enable you to grab any 3D content that had been optimised to be displayed on screen and 3D print it,” Stevens told TCT Magazine. “Primarily this was for gaming but game content is in fact the many complex to grab for the reason inside a game so much of what you see on screen is faked. Once you’ve cracked that and so it becomes certainly trivial to do the same for an architectural version and other CAD data.”

The beauty of the innovation, for gaming purposes, is that users can now 3D print versions that are completely very own. Game action can be captured as it is taking place, meaning that once you’ve finally beat that level you’ve been struggling with for weeks, you can grab an image of your moment of victory, 3D print it, and display it as a trophy – or, if you are playing against your friend in a multiplayer game, you can print his torturing
defeat and donate it to him for Christmas. What’s not to love?