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The 3D printing market belongs to the 2nd movers. Apparently, the 3D printing events market in addition does. So, after two excellent years of 3D Printshow and Inside3DPrinting, now it is time for new localized shows to take over the global scene. Here in Italy, 3D Print Hub is going excellent; there are annual shows in Israel, Turkey, and Argentina. In the post-Soviet CIS Countries, it is the 3D Print Conferences that are helping industry operators to meet and do business.

The new season of the series of shows, organized by Smile Expo, is bringing off next May 20th of Baku, the up and coming capital of Azerbaijan. This 2nd version can be held at the Fairmont hotel conference-hall and can, once again, gather together developers, experts, scientists, providers, as well as all those interested in this quite industry.

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The initially 3D Print Conference took place in Baku, February 12, 2015 and showed local and foreign members that 3D printing became an integral part of our next and that this next has may already begun. The conference was attended by representatives of the USA, Turkey, the Russian Federation, and, of course, Azerbaijan.

Dmitry Postelnik of Autodesk said that the show “can donate rise to the development of 3D technologies in Azerbaijan and can hold the rightful position inside the country’s top industries.” Furkan Bakir, of 3Dörtgen in Istanbul, stated that the “3D Print Conference Baku is out of this world! I’d like to express thanks to the host of the conference for brilliant event and a lot of positive emotions.”

3d baku“The aim of 3D Print Conference Baku 2016 is to acquaint visitors with amazing opportunities of 3D printing and scanning,” said Smile Expo’s Anna Vavilova. “Today 3D technologies are may already widely utilized in various types of industries, being competitive and efficient. In Azerbaijan, compared to the European countries and Russia, 3D-printing has not reached such a sizeable scale yet, but interest to it is expanding by leaps and bounds. That’s why being one of the primary organizers of specialized exhibitions and conferences, Smile-Expo can hold 3D Print Conference in Baku for the 2nd time.”

Perhaps one of the most absorbing aspect of 3D printing is how such a tiny industry may may already unite so most various individuals of so most various places all enthutilized by the same passion for a additional efficient and sustainable form of making. In this case, whether the shows are organized locally or internationally, the end outcome is the same, getting individuals to come together and explore the next of making.

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