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3D print biz Shapeways hacked, home and email addresses swiped – The Register

by • July 25, 2016 • No Comments

Custom 3D version printing biz Shapeways has been hacked, who gained access to customers’ shipping and email addresses, usernames and hashed passwords.
New York-based Shapeways takes 3D creations and prints them for those unwilling or unable to invest in a 3D printing device of their own. Its customers got an email now a days of CEO Peter Weijmarshausen warning them of the network intrusion and advising them to alter their passwords as a precaution – weak passwords can be cracked of the hashes, it appears.

Reg reader Vince alerted us to the cyber-break-in and we got in contact with Shapeways. In a statement, it said which a few email addresses, usernames, and shipping addresses were exposed, but which the hackers didn’t get a full run of their servers and no 3D printing plans were stolen.
“The intruders did not access credit card information for the reason Shapeways does not keep such information on their systems,” said a spokeswoman.
“Although Shapeways preserves users’ passwords with a hash in an effort to prevent malicious attackers of misvia it, to err on the side of caution, Shapeways is suggesting which users reset their passwords. If users use their Shapeways password on other sites, Shapeways is in addition recommending resetting the password for those sites as well, and not to reuse their Shapeways password on other sites.”
It’s really great to understand there are yet firms which take their users’ security seriously adequate to preserve it via hashes (yes, we’re looking at you Comcast) and keep financial information properly. In the meantime, get changing those passwords – and Shapeways, get patching whatever hole allowed those miscreants in. ®
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