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3D print and trim your very own plastic bonsai tree – 3ders.org (blog)

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Apr 1, 2016 | By Tess
Bonsai, the art of expanding and grooming miniature trees, has existed in Japanese culture for over a thousand years, and requires huge patience and ability. From wiring and clamping, to grafting, to leaf trimming, expanding and maintaining a bonsai tree can be a complex hobby to fit into to our occupied daily lives. Thanks to 3D printing technologies and Japanese create firm Nendo, yet, the art of the bonsai may soon have a tech revival with the company’s revolutionary create for 3D printed bonsai trees that you can trim and prune by yourself.

Nendo’s Creative Director and create guru Oki Sato revealed the project as a pilot yett for mobile company Softbank’s not long ago launched crowdfunding website, +Style, and yet nothing official has been announced yet, actually the yett has us blooming with excitement.
The details for the 3D printed bonsai tree are yet mostly under wraps, but of what we can tell you can be able-bodied to select of a variety of tree bases, and 3D print them with what looks like lampshade of plastic lattice. From there you can cut away at the plastic, effectively grooming your own miniature plastic tree, giving it whatever shape and create you desire. Of course, if you are not inclined to prune and trim the tree by yourself, you can always select to digitally create the final tree shape you want and 3D print it directly. From what we understand, there can be an accompanying app to assist you do this.

The yett for the 3D printed DIY bonsai tree was revealed as a part of Nendo’s Design of Things (DoT) platform, that can reportedly be synonymous with Softbank’s crowdfunding platform.
Nendo, the Japanese create firm, was founded by Toronto-born Oki Sato in 2002 in Tokyo, Japan. Since and so, the company has in addition opened an office in Milan, Italy. Oki Sato and Nendo’s creates have notably been most understandn by a number of prestigious awards over the years, which include the 2015 Designer of the Year award of Maison & Objet. The company’s great results and recognition are undoubtedly linked to its one-of-a-kind and uplifting philosophy of delivering pleased and surprising moments into folks’s lives through their creates.
Nendo’s purpose, as noted on its website is, “Giving folks a tiny ” ! ” moment. There are so most tiny ” ! ” moments hidden in our day to day. But we don’t recognize them. and actually when we do recognize them, we tend to unconsciously reset our minds and forget what we’ve seen. But we believe these tiny ” ! ” moments are what manufacture our days so informative, so rich.That’s why we want to reconstitute the day to day by collecting and reshaping them into a thing that is effortless to understand. We’d like the folks who’ve encountered Nendo’s creates to feel these tiny ” ! ” moments intuitively.”

There is little doubt that a 3D printed bonsai tree, especially one that looks as great as those pictured, may bring a moment of easy happiness and serenity to our lives. And while we don’t yet understand when we can be able-bodied to get our hands on our quite own 3D printed bonsai tree, we can be certain to store an ear open for when the campaign or project is officially launched!

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