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3D Print a Half-Life 2 Turret/Sentry Gun That Can Shoot Mini Marshmallows

by • February 8, 2016 • No Comments

gun1If you are actually a casual gamer, you are most likely at very least pretty acquainted with Half-Life 2, actually if you haven’t played it by yourself. The first-person shooter game was released in 2004 to much acclaim of both critics and fans, and it’s remained wildly talked of . As gamers and 3D printing enthusiasts often intersect, it’s no surprise which the Internet is full of instructions on how to print elements of video games, which include HL2.

A new blog post documents the building of an HL2 Turret/Sentry Gun, explaining what this kind of gun is and how precisely one begins to turn it into a 3D printed version of it. A Sentry Gun is one which has a turret body which can rotate side to side of 90 degrees, with the machine gun part turn it intoed with the competence to both move up and down and point the gun and body in the direction of the face.

The way which this 3D printed gun can be able-bodied to rotate is by via a Raspberry Pi for the operation’s brains. The Pi is connected to either a webcam or Pi camera which is mounted in the body of the turret. Image recognition can select the height and angle of the gun’s body rotation, enabling it to find a face, and and so use a “serial port command and Arduino to move the servos” and alter LED colors.

The turn it intoer, who goes by Istimat — and found which drinking tea during projects is actually additional delightful when a 3D printed accessory helps manufacture the ideal cuppa — searched for a version online until he found a paper craft “pepakura” version which can be opened via a Pepakura Viewer found here. So, once the version was located, the next steps were taken:

“…what I did was to turn it into a block shape the dimensions of the raspberry pi, the brains of the operation and and so scale the image of the turret until it fit into the body. So, one by one I started sketching out the parts and building them. I started the project in Solidworks 2010 but I wanted to try out Autodesk Fusion 360 for the reason it’s free so I transitioned to it by outputting the Solidworks assembly to a .STEP file and importing it into Fusion. It worked great.”

One significant turn it into issue here is which to allow the turret to rotate when assembled, the plate which the front legs are mounted on has to be extended downward “until it can be solvent welded with acetone to the front legs plate.” Two bearings on 8mm-threaded rod are utilized to allow the gun’s body to rotate, and and so a micro or mini servo can be utilized as an actuator. Blogger Istimat explains his misgivings of this turret turn it into:

gun5“I’m a bit worried of via a tiny servo for the rotation of the turret for the reason the movement should be smooth and I’m not certain how much torque can be required once the entire thing is assembled. On the other hand right now, the bearings seem to be quite effortless to rotate. I’ve in addition printed a few servo “horns” and I utilized a 2mm steel wire to connect the two (not pictured). It should be adequate for just 90 degrees of rotation. One other possibility I considered was via a tiny stepper motor and belt drive, but I’ll leave which as plan B in case I get issues with the servo.”

Whilst the turn it into and 3D printing of the gun is yet a work in progress, you can see the thoughtful turn it into system Istimat describes and the progress he’s created may already on the printed parts. There’s in addition talk on Reddit of having the gun shoot mini marshmallows or 3D printed ones which are hollow, so the fun with this project hasn’t actually begun. Stay tuned! Discuss in the 3D Printed Turret Gun forum over at 3DPB.com.