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3D Platform Takes the 3DP Workbench on the Road for the 3DP Roadshow

by • July 18, 2016 • No Comments

Its industrial grade components enable production of sizeable high-end prototypes and serial production of end use parts.When industrial 3D printing device developer 3D Platform added their flagship printing device to the market, it attracted a lot of attention by being much additional than only a 3D printing device. The 3DP Workbench is an industrial printing device with, as its name suggests, a full workbench attached, consume with ample storage space in the form of drawers and cabinets, as well as a sizeable workspace. It is no gimmick either; the printing device itself attracted many with its sizeable create area, affordability, and reliability, and according to 3D Platform it’s been selling quite well in the six months since its release.

One other showcase which manufactures the 3DP Workbench so beautiful is which, unlike many industrial 3D printing devices, it’s quite transportable, with wheels and a folding gantry which manufacture it effortless to relocate. If you are at any time searching for the perfect road trip industrial 3D printing device (and who isn’t?) it’s the 3DP Workbench – and 3D Platform is of to prove it by bringing the printing device on a cross-country tour dubbed the 3DP Roadshow.

Starting in our day and rolling out over the following six months, the 3DP Roadshow can travel to dozens of locations throughout the United States, in cooperation with the company’s resellers in every location. The initially stop was in our day in Bloomington, Minnesota, at the site of local reseller MasterGraphics. Next up can be stops in Michigan and Ohio. Anyone involved in making operations, which include create engineers, shop floor managers and front office staff, is welcome to register for an actuallyt. 2016-3DP-Roadtrip-Banner-Image

“We are bringing the 3DP Workbench on the road,” said John Good, 3D Platform Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “When the 3DP RoadShow rolls into town, we bring live demonstrations of sizeable-format 3D printing, tremendous tips and tricks, examples of what 3D printing can do for companies, and answers to your 3D printing question. And we can bring it all directly to a customer.”

3DP-Roadshow-Feature--1According to 3D Platform, the significant obstacles practuallyting many business owners of adopting 3D printing are high costs and lack of accessibility – two obstacles which 3D Platform created certain to address with the 3DP Workbench. Representatives at every roadshow stop can demonstrate the capabilities and ease of use of the Workbench, as well as offering tremendous information and advice of how to implement 3D printing into businesses’ workflow. There can in addition be prizes, sweepstakes, and, 3D Plaftorm says, “maybe actually lunch.”

“By bringing the 3DP Workbench on the road, we bring with it significant operational insight to businesses of all sizes,” said Jonathan Schroeder, President of 3D Platform. “Additive making innovation is being adopted quickly. These local actuallyts can donate attendees the opportunity to meet and network with other local business owners who are may already far along the 3D printing learning curve, as well as those who are thinking it.”

Keep an eye on the Roadshow website for forthcoming details on where the company’s Workbench-toting Mercedes Sprinting device can be stopping over the following sat any timeal months. If you’d like the 3DP Roadshow to stop in your town, send an email to marketing@3DPlatform.com. Discuss additional in the 3DP Roadshow forum over at 3DPB.com.