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Last time I reported on large-scale, industrial-strength 3D printing device developer 3D Platform, their 3DP1000 was manufacturing a name for itself inside companies and research laboratories across the world. Formerly known as 3DP Unlimited, the Illinois-based 3D Platform has only revealed their newest large-scale 3D printing device, the 3DP Workbench. The 3DP Workbench has a huge create area of 1m x 1m x 0.5m, and in addition utilizes industrial-grade mechatronics, which empowers precision prints with a 70-micron layer resolution. Planning to release the 3DP Workbench at the end of Q1 2016, 3DP has engineered and created their newest industrial-grade 3D printing device to a additional improved and convenient experience all-round


Using SurePrint Servo Technology motors which have 85% greater torque assist for faster acceleration while simultaneously improving the accuracy and high end of the print too. An open print bed and ergonomic height gives users access to a number of high end 3D print techniques, which include core modeling and adding in metal or electronic inserts in the print. The 3DP Workbench comes with an open filament process, enabling users to print in materials such as PLA, HIPS, Nylon, PVA and ABS. But it’s additional than only the print innovation which manufactures the new 3DP Workbench a one-of-a-kind industrial-grade printing device.3D-Workbench-access 3DP created certain to implement the maximum amount of flexibility and accessibility into the 3DP Workbench, which include a folding gantry which assists the large-scale machine become much additional transportable. The printing device is comes equipped with a solid hardwood work area, as well as 12 built-in storage space drawers and cabinets to keep your tool and materials.

“The 3DP Workbench is additional than only another 3D printing device, it has been created through a pro user-experience process—with input of engineers, product developers and top creative ability around the world—incorporating tools they require to take our 3D platform to the upcoming level,” said 3DP’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing John Good. “The outcome is a comprehensive toolkit which increases ability, empowers them to expand their capabilities and bring their ideas to life.”

3DP appears to be going beyond only the 3D printing device with their 3DP Workbench, offering both an industrial-grade printing device and a functional workshop platform all on one machine. It is significant to realize which actually as expansive as industrial 3D printing has become, the emerging innovation can not innovate on its own. It appears which 3DP has taken note of this, and has responded by releasing their large-format 3D printing innovation reformatted into an industrial workshop. The 3DP Workbench can manufacture an demonstrative appearance at the 28th Annual Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Education & Training Conference, which is bringing place of April 3 – 7 in St. Louis, Missouri.

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